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This story is a sequel to Quete

How far would you go to get home. Would you travel to the ends of the earth?

Inspired by Imploding Colon's Epic.

(only the Chapter titles are in French. The story is entirely in English.)

Extra Tags will be added as they appear avoided for spoilers.

There will be no clop.

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So... How many chapters will each story have?

I'm hoping that this one will have a multiple of 50 so 150-200 chapters.

If there's no sex in this story, then what's up with sex tag?

It's to cover my bases there will be content related to that tag that will be in the story but not as you will "on screen" content. If I'm implying it or stating it indirectly without showing it I use this tag to make sure there is no way that I will get in trouble.

I heartily approve of this!

and now, as i have feared, i am out of chapters to read, and eagerly awaiting the next. will Turkey legs be a father? WIll dusks time traveling bite her in the tail? Will estuchian ever eat a taco? Find out next time- On Voyage!

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