• Published 23rd Dec 2017
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Quete - Comrade Bagel Muffin

A unicorn's quest to return home.

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Les Os

The entire cave floor was filled with bones. They covered the ground at least one layer deep. Along the walls of the cavernous room wrapped a stairway. More bones covered each step. Even in his fear ridden state he noticed two things about the skeletons. The first thing that he noticed was that they were old. Many of them looked like they'd turn to dust if he so much as touched them. Some of them already. The second and more concerning to him was that all of them with out exception were unicorns just like him. His heart was racing in his chest, as stared into the hollow eyes of every skull.

After a few minutes Escutcheon's minor panic attack had come to an end, and he slowly regained his nerve. He found the stairway's base This wasn't even the bottom level. On his right were the stairs going up. They seemed to go all the way up to the top of Storm Peak. To his left were stairs that descended deeper into the bowls of the mountain. He took a few deep breaths hoping to that they'd calm his anxieties, and took the first step up. The room broke out in a flash of light.

"So, you've finally come to me, little agent of Clover." A deep, cold, and dark voice filled the cavern, coming from every part of the cave. "I've waited for her to send another to me. Another challenger, another proof of my power. I was beginning to think she had forgotten, or perhaps that she had come to her senses, and chosen not to challenge me again."

"Who, who are you?" Escutcheon stepped down off of the step, looking around the cavern all the hollow eyes of the dead looking back at them.

"I am the god that you've come to defy. That you've come to try and strike me down. I am Tempest Tossed." The voice boomed in the cave it was so large Escutcheon felt so little in its presence. "I am the one that you've come to challenge, did you think that you could succeed where all of these that have come before you failed?" Escutcheon began to panic his eyes never able to break contact with the hollowed empty sockets of all of the skulls. He began to run down the stairs in a futile attempt to get away. "That's right little unicorn run. Flee. Nothing is here for you but death. You are lucky that you are here now, for I have more pressing concerns. Those griffons shall be taught to fear me."

Escutcheon's blood froze in his veins, his heart stopped in his chest. "Wait the griffons. What are you going to do?"

"I will make them as I've made these. They shall be punished for bringing you here assassin. They shall be tempest tossed. Destroyed as all of these that came to defy me." A new horror filled Escutcheon's mind. A cavernous city filled with the dead. Tilda and her family nothing but bones, in a destroyed, decimated city.

"You can't do that!"

"I can do as I please. Nothing can stop me from destroying. None can save what I mark for death." Escutcheon looked back up to the floor he had been on moments before. "I shall not stop with them. I shall spread to the ends of the earth until all is Tempest Tossed. Escutcheon's face grew hard. He wasn't about to abandon his new friends to this. If saving them meant facing a giant storm wolf and winning then he would. He took a deep breath and headed back up the stairs.

Author's Note:

Sorry work hours got in the way of getting this chapter out.

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