• Published 23rd Dec 2017
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Quete - Comrade Bagel Muffin

A unicorn's quest to return home.

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la Ville des Griffon

Escutcheon woke up in a dizzy haze. He was completely disorientated. He only knew two things one, his head hurt horribly bad, and two where ever he was it was dry. He could hear muffled voices from across the room. "What do you think it is?" One of the voices perked up. Whoever it was they were a bit louder than the others. Given his current headache it wasn't something that he was happy about. The answer was muffled. "What don't be ridiculous if it was a zebra it'd have stripes, it doesn't have stripes, so it's not a zebra."

"Well clearly it just washed the stripes off Feather Head!" There was a sharp gasp.

"Mom said you weren't suppose to call me that!"

"Mom also said that you two should stay out of her room while she was out." A third voice join the conversation a bit more masculine than the other two spoke up. Somewhere in the house a door opened.

"Nogrif says anything got it?" The two others must have agreed but he couldn't hear them.

"He's in here, I have know idea what he is, except for injured." Bright light flooded the room Escutcheon slammed his eyes shut as hard as he could.

"It seems that he's already recovering. That's good." An old scratchy voice said. "And he's a unicorn colt the horn's a dead give away, No idea what a colt's doing out this far though."

"I'm lost."

"No talking until after I've had a look at your head. Nod if you understood that." He moved his head up and down whimpering as the movement caused the pain in his head to triple over itself. He felt a pair of talons take a firm grip on his head. The talons moved it around ever so gently, being sure to cause as little suffering as possible.

"Is he going to be okay, elder?"

"He'll be fine, you got him here quick. These injuries aren't even three hours old. I can fix him up, and he should be back on his hooves in a couple of hours. You three little grifs. Start grinding the herbs in my bag now. And as for you drink this it'll put you under for a few hours. When you wake up there shouldn't be any pain." Escutcheon the brim of a bottle put to his lips. He opened his mouth and took a few sips, his senses instantly became dull, and he drifted into unconsciousness.


When Escutcheon woke up again all the pain in his head was gone and the only thing that felt wrong was a sore back. He didn't immediately open his eyes instead he tried to figure out where he was. They had said grif he assumed they were griffons, though they didn't match up with any stories that mother or her friends had told him about griffons. Second he was on a bed a very soft bed at that with covers and a pillow, and it was dry. In fact he couldn't hear the sounds of the storm, at all.

"Glad to see that your awake now quit playing dead and open your eyes," the old gruffy voice demanded. It's owner was to no ones surprise and elderly griffon.

"Who are you Where am I."

"You're in my house, and we're in Griffon Rock, I'm Tilda, these are my chicks, Gilda, Gildan, and Griffa."

"Mom, I'm not a chick anymore." The eldest griffon spoke up. She was to young to be the Gilda he had heard about from Rainbow Dash it must have been a popular griffon name.

"Now, that that's out of the way who are you and why is there a unicorn this far east?"

"My name is Escutcheon, and I'm lost, I'm from Equestria, can you help me get home, please just get me to Griffon Stone I know the way from there."

"Griffon Stone, you sure you fixed that head of his Doc. Ow" Tilda slapped the back of Gilda's head.

"Griffon Stone is a myth, colt."

"No it's not I've been there dozens of times to visit with Gabriella and Gilda. A different Gilda." Gilda rolled her eyes, Escutcheon began to wonder if it was the same Gilda.

"Even if we could point you to Griffon Stone, you're not going to be leaving here anytime soon not with that storm raging out side."

"I don't here a storm."

"That's because we're inside the great mountain, it protects us from the storm and monsters." Griffa said with a knowing smile. "Mom said so." Both her siblings discreetly rolled their eyes.

"When the storm stops we'll try and get you to Rozi, she'll help you get to the Empire."

"The Crystal Empire that's great I-"

"The heck's the Crystal Empire?" Gildan interrupted.

"With the snow and stuff."

"There ain't no snow in the empire colt. You are either lying, crazy, or a long long way from home," the elderly griffon somberly said. "Now let's go get something to eat while Tempest out there throws a hissy fit."

"Sure thing I'll get something cooking, You three be nice to Escutcheon he's our guest."

"Sure mom," Gilda answered

"Yes mom," the other two said.

"A unicorn eating griffon food this is something I have to see."

Author's Note:

And with that I give you chapter VIII I think IDK.:twilightblush:
Hope you're having fun.

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