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I'm a simple person who dislikes very little and hates even less; I like (or even love) a few things: reading, gaming, Pinkie Pie, and writing; I even take story requests~!


(First Person)(Mythical Timeline)
Sour Soul thinks back upon his past with his "play date" with Sunny Dance. They spend the day together enjoying themselves, and at the end hopefully he has learned something from it all (not happy thoughts... not happy thoughts).

For: The Sun's Final Rising contest.
Placed: ...
For: Equestrian Parenthood contest.
Placed: Winner's Spot (?).

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:fluttercry: Why?

That was a good read. ^-^ And yet so sad.

Why what?

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it... sorry you found it sad. v.v

The ending was unexpected. That's why.

That was a really sweet sweet tale.


Did you enjoy it...?

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