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A little group for the almight Commander Hurricane, the legendary leader of the former Pegasus Tribe.

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No problem, it took me awhile to notice it, too.

Thanks alot, makes me feel like a n00b not noticing that before:derpytongue2:
Thanks again :raritywink:

Go to the story, not in any chapters or anything, and just above the comments section and off to the right there should be two buttons: Stats and Add to Group. Click on Add to Group and select which group to add it to. you can then select which folder(s) to put it in. I hope I explained the process well.

P.S: I joined the group exactly 28 minutes after you. :D
P.S EDIT: Sorry, 24 minutes.

Well, I think we need to get some stories added to this group and maybe some fanart too.:pinkiehappy:
Btw do you know how to add stories to a folder that you didn't write or does the author of the story have to add it?

What are we going to do in this group? :duck:
Just curious, but I would prefer an answer.

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