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It has been countless moons since Princess Luna have tried to understand the fogged war happening inside the head of Mayor Mare. And even with all her magic and knowledge about the realm of dreams. there is so much she can do without the hostage's consent. Because of this, Luna had decided to make a change in her modus operandi and let the hostage guide her this time.

A journey through the young life of the mayor: the things she endured, the ponies that she met through her rise to the top, and the ones that gave her their love.

Luna has her doubts about how she will handle a mind that had secluded itself from its own memories, and yet keeps suffering because of them. But she knows she must prevail and do her best to help the mayor and bring peace to the heart of one of her dear subjects...

An entry in theTwo-Faced Charade Contest.
Thanks to my dear friends for helping me out with this.
Pre-reader and artist of the cover art:Rival - He is doing his best to become a Pixel artist, go and give his work some love.

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Let's go boys.

Heyyy that is a nice comment right there, right there.

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