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Spike has endured being alone before. be it a couple of hours or some days, it didn't matter to him while he was an obnoxious child.

But that changed with the pass of time, he learned how precious life really is. how beautiful is to have a place to call home inside the hearts of the ones that you love. And most importantly, how difficult is to live without them.

Now Spike has to bear his feelings and fears, as a mission of friendship takes his friends through a journey. A long journey which seems to have no end.

Note: I'm currently searching for an editor to help me out with chapters two and three.
Second Note: thanks to the watcher of all for helping me with future corrections.

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Damn....just....damn, make friends with the colts and fillies in Ponyville, Spike there are a lot of them, talk to your mother or aunt or better yet, join them on their quest!

This is both tragic and heartwarming.....buck you. Damn it man, the feels. A few errors but honestly very impressive. SpikeBloom? Doubt it but I like the thought.

Oh shit....go Celestia! Save your son! Also it's Big Mac. A few errors but it's alright. Just be sure to clean it up a bit when the story is finished, ou have my full attention.

Im willing to edit. Call me

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I gotta say, the whole "I can beat all the timberwolves on my own, I'm badass" followed by him succeeding basically on his own is actually pretty distracting this chapter. It doesn't really fit with what Spike is capable of in the show, nor does it particularly fit with Spike as overworked-despairing Spike. Like, I could see him trying to force himself to try to do this, given the previous chapters, but it has to be an extreme change indeed for him to actually not be afraid of it.

The thing where Spike can't handle them being gone is good, though, although by the time it was four months I think detailing what other people think of his overworking himself and secluding himself would be pretty valuable to explain why they haven't tried to seriously help him yet. Or that they have but failed.

I mean, this is a kid who has been left alone, so I figure either someone would eventually take interest, or more than one person would sorta collectively figure out that something is very wrong.

Applebloom seems to be the most close to spike in this fic because she is the cmc most atached to ponyville

If not by the focus of the fic, applespike could be a thing in this story.

(btw i was really drunk while writting this comment)

I wanted to make it feel like more "the usual heroes of town arent here, so i'll have to try to stop them" later on spike admits that he could have ended beaten too.

I still need to get better at my writting so i can show this kinds of thoughts better.

(pd still drunk. Curse vodka and its tastyness)

I love the story so far, but I just can't help reading the title and thinking about

You made my morning with that video, lol.

A few errors but honestly I seriously loved everything about this chapter, so damn excited to see more:rainbowlaugh:

There is gonna be another one, the last one to be more precise, before next's sunday ( that is if luck is by my side).

Nice, I'm excited. Cant wait for more.

Loved every second of this story. A few errors. Flurry Heart is his cousin or niece of anything and Luna is his aunt, not cousin. Like I said a few errors but still very much enjoyed. Was hoping for a bit of Spikealoo but to each their own. Amazing job my friend.

What is The Hive, as mentioned in The Watcher of all's profile?

This was a good trip for me. Honestly i don't like seeing spike suffering this much... but for some reasons i find this kind of situations easier to write.

Thanks for following my story, and for pointing out the errors.

Well you did amazing my friend. I very much look forward to more Spike stories from you.

is a group. I think I should ask him more about it later. the description sounds really interesting.

that could have been the sequel

the loss and return of the missing six was well done......:trollestia: My son was always sensitive to the needs of others....

:unsuresweetie: Rarity and Spike went missing........
:twilightoops: Oh no!
:rainbowlaugh: Oh yeah......
:yay: Bunnies!
:pinkiehappy: Draconies!

well done

“My body?” Spike asked with crossed brows; his eyes turning wide as the realization hit him and he turned to his own body, “Mom, what happened to me?!”

I'd like to know that too, because while you say he has a scary claw, you never tell us what he does look like, but make a fuss about it anyway.

“There is a spell” her mother said, sobs following every three or two words that came from her mouth, “a spell that can send your soul to the realm of the deaths… but you have a limited time” She gasped for air, “the- the tim- if you don’t get back to your body in that-” She gasped again.

What? A spell that kills the user? The target? Or a spell that retrieves the dead? If it's the latter, why did you put it in there and say that there was a time between them disappearing? Reviving the dead is something that is rare so... why?

Later it looks like Celestia is certain that the Main Six cast this spell and they're in another dimension but not dead? How? I have no idea what's going on...

I really didn't want to focus on his appearance but how he felt about it.

As for the spell, I thought about the way magic works in the manga berserker. To put it simple, the spell let the caster and it's partners search through the realm of Spirits, a link in the form of a line is the only conecttion remaining between the spellcasters and their bodies.

You go further than not being specific about his form and say nothing about it, and I felt like I wasn't sure he changed at all at first. I understand how being coy about it could be interesting, but i think maybe you should have at least done something to confirm it. Describe his awkwardness in it, or have him look at himself in a mirror and recoil, I dunno.

And the issue here is the spell crops up very fast in the story without explanation or context, same thing with how they were correct about the Main Six being in another universe for some reason. I don't know how they came to that conclusion.

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