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By mere luck, you were given a limited time into Equestria. Now here, there is only one thing for you to do, either convince Spike to pursue a better life or change the perception other ponies have over him.

Note: I did not have the assistance of an editor this time.

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There is a certain spot of the Apple's family orchard unknown to most ponies, a quiet and peaceful place where you can lay down and reflect on the good things that life have given you. Spike is one of the few that know about this place.

Cover art by osawari64 (I made one myself but I need to enhance/correct it first)
disclaimer: I'll publish each episode as soon as I think they are good enough. so beware of my lack of knowledge/skill in english.

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by sejox

A reimagined version of Mili's song, RTRT.

Notes: I think is not necessary to say that this story was made with the only purpose of entertainment (coff... coff... and to show you the beauty of Mili's work... coff)
Cover art artist: draltruist.
Disclaimer: Spike is an actual dragon in this story (despite the cover art)

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What would you do if a friend of yours gets interned in a hospital because of a terrible accident? Will you visit him? Take care of him each day until he gets better? Even though he doesn't seem to get better after months of therapy?

Yeah, those are hard questions... but worry not, even if you are not there, the nurse and medics will be enough companions, right?

And if not, there'll always be the four walls, the ceiling, and the window to keep him company...

This story has yet not been edited.

Note: The AU tag is because I don't take into account the events from Zephyr's episode. Instead, I just used his initial definition and traits for this story.

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In the corner of the universe’s east section. Near the center of their own galaxy and just at two planets from its closest dead star, rested a now arid planet; named many times yet still insignificant to the rest of the universe.

In this planet only one creature remains alive, a friend of mine who decided to stay until the day for new life to flourish, so he can fulfill the wish of the ones whom he lost in time past.

The cover was made up using the art from the artists: starblaze25 and yuumei

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This is something I have been craving to do for some time. but the more I write , the more I read... the more I feel like its impossible to do. I can touch and be touched by mere words, I can create interesting and passionate characters, I can create entire worlds if it's needed.

But does it really matter? at the end, they are just fiction...

it's there a way to make them real? I'll be more than happy to try to answer that question.

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It has been countless moons since Princess Luna have tried to understand the fogged war happening inside the head of Mayor Mare. And even with all her magic and knowledge about the realm of dreams. there is so much she can do without the hostage's consent. Because of this, Luna had decided to make a change in her modus operandi and let the hostage guide her this time.

A journey through the young life of the mayor: the things she endured, the ponies that she met through her rise to the top, and the ones that gave her their love.

Luna has her doubts about how she will handle a mind that had secluded itself from its own memories, and yet keeps suffering because of them. But she knows she must prevail and do her best to help the mayor and bring peace to the heart of one of her dear subjects...

An entry in theTwo-Faced Charade Contest.
Thanks to my dear friends for helping me out with this.
Pre-reader and artist of the cover art:Rival - He is doing his best to become a Pixel artist, go and give his work some love.

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Hearth's Warming's party on the castle of friendship is coming to an end and Starlight had just realized that Spike isn't there to celebrate. Thinking that it will be best to find him, she ventures to his room.

What she finds, however, will remind her of something that she tried to lock away inside her mind: a vivid reflection of her past.

And What will await her? A gift that will change her life forever.

Just like it did with Spike years ago.

Inspired by an 'old' comic from the series adorkable Twilight and friends.
Note: beware of grammatical mishaps.

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Spike starts noticing strange things occurring around him, a weird voice keeps rambling everything before or while it is happening. The whole thing is starting to take an effect on his psyche.

Hopefully, this is just an odd event or just a bad joke pulled by his pink hyperactive friend.

Written for the F*** this prompt nº 16

Note: Probably by the time this gets approved the contest will be closed.
Second note: beware of nonsense and grammatical mishaps.

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While searching for a new book for an upcoming party, Pinkie Pie finds herself trapped inside the dominions of a mighty entity. This being has the knowledge, records, and discoveries of all the universes at hand. However, his knowledge will prove itself to be useless against the weird and illogical occurrences of the hyperactive mare.

What would the god, this all powerful being, do in order to understand this mare? And more importantly.

Will he stand a chance against the little and cute Pinkie Pie?

Thanks to Lorhelei for lending me a hand and proofreading this as I wrote it.

Note: The library of discord, written by Chinchillax,was the last push i needed to create this fic. His works are great; go give them a look if you have the time.

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