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You aren’t really sure what happened last night—all you know is that you’ve woken up in a bed that isn’t yours, and you’re pressed up against something very warm, and very fluffy… that just moved?

…Oh boy.


A couple of notes: This story does not contain sex, but it does contain references to it. Also, Anon has been written as a woman in this story.

Cover art by TheBatFang!

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Would read again!

What a story! This has so much potential to be a series of books, and I look forward to reading anything more you plan to write.

Maybe the rating can be "T" though? Just my opinion.

Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed it, that makes me happy to hear! ^w^

I was really torn on what the rating should be, especially since there isn’t anything explicit depicted in the story. But, the rule of thumb I tend to operate on is that it’s better to be safe than sorry, so I decided to rate it M.

BatFang drew very smug Tia

The story dodges typical 2nd person problem - choices and motivation, in such short and descriptive format 2nd person works..kinda. It may feel all over place because style changes toward the end and story forcefully avoids any decisions on Anon's part.

That's a very good point! Thank you for pointing that out. I intentionally wanted to avoid any big decision on Anon's part to leave what happens next to the audience--but, you're very right that it causes a pretty sudden tonal shift at the end. I'll work on that for my future stories! Thank you for the feedback!

First of all... this is really adorable, well done. But I will have to say, this could definitely get away with a "T" rating.

Thank you! I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

Yeah, upon reviewing everything again, I've decided to change the rating to T; ^^ perhaps I was being just a bit too careful in what rating I gave it X3

This was supremely adorable. I loved it in every way.

Short and sweet. Cute little fic.

You've written a pair of absolutely terrific stories. Hope you continue, you're a very talented writer!


“I… I think I do, actually,” you replied. “I mean, I… I’m not trying to imply anything with that, but… it was kind of, nice. Waking up with… you, in my arms.”

i dont think ponies have arms, maybe forelegs would be the better word?
edit: woops, misread it as waking up in celestia's arms

That's pretty much only case when 2nd person work as a narration except 4th wall breach - when you create make-your-adventure or lean toward that tone. Your story is one of the few which successfully achieves that

Humanstill have the. Usually.

This is a very nice story, have a fave and a follow! I would definitely read this again....oh and welcome to FimFiction!

Aw, thanks so much! I do plan to write more in the coming days and weeks, yes! It means a lot to me that you enjoy my silly little fics, I appreciate it! :D

Well I’m very glad to hear so! ^w^

Thank you for the words of welcome, and I’m glad you enjoyed the story! That makes me happy to hear! :D


Also the way you wrote it it makes it feel like you are actually there being held in Celestia's loving embrace....everypony's dream come true, right?

It seems a bit of a silly thing, but perhaps mention in the description that this is a Fem!Anon? Because I had to read through a couple of parts more than once before the penny finally dropped on that one :rainbowlaugh:.

Whoops! I could have sworn I included that in the description! Thank you for pointing that out, I've fixed it! XD

Very wholesome. 😊

Excellent quick fic!

With a long exhale, you closed your eyes—the day could wait a little bit longer.

The princess only smiled, rolling into her back before laying her head back down onto her pillow. “The punch was made with an elixir called ‘Partium.’ It has similar effects to alcohol, but is entirely magical in its nature—and, importantly, it cannot damage your liver like alcohol can. It is completely tasteless, odorless, and colorless, and can be added to almost any food or drink. Aaaaand… it was in the punch.”

Im gonna ask you celestia?
Can i have some?
I got spiked orange soda from one dimension i could use something to add to the collection!

You looked over to the princess, chuckling somewhat as you raised an eyebrow. “So a drunk girl asks you to snuggle, and you take her up on it, even though she can’t consent? What an absolute monster you are…”

???: Hey she's not a monster! If she was I'd have raised her that way!

Love this cute story! Actually brought me kind of... closer to Celestia's embrace.

I always love a cute Celestia cuddle fiction. Sunbutt deserves all the love and snuggles she can get.


woops, misread it as waking up in celestia's arms

I’m walking on sunshine, wooah

Praised be the fluff!

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