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This story is a sequel to Return of the Core

Seven years have past since The Core successfully took full control of Equestria—with Twilight Sparkle as its new host. Spike and Discord must seek help and discover a way through which they can save their home and defeat the alien threat. It is only a matter of time until all hope is truly lost. But they have yet to discover a newfound hope to save them all…an amphibious one.

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Hmm, the start is rather rocky. Sure, I went in without reading the original story, but it just feels very...sudden and a little edgy/blunt that we get this loving family arrangement pushed very hard by the prose and then the dad dies in the most dramatic, yet generic, way possible, and hard to connect emotionally with.
It's definitely a positive that the tags of the story aren't lying but...I went in expecting something a lot more like Amphibia's tone, where there is death, and it's not afraid to point that out, unlike FiM, but for the most part, protagonists are pretty safe, and fights are silly, with the darker parts saved for when things go very wrong, and done in less brutal ways, with little onscreen. Basically, I more expected something like the changelings dragging him off to be cocooned, or turning into something big to eat him, not using venom after draining his love, and with more leadup involving more casual dialog before everything went wrong.

Thanks for the feedback. To be honest, I have a thing for themes that are rather dark or non-silly, and the thing you described at the end isn’t really I wanted to go for.

Also, Amphibia’s tone won’t really fit this story since it’s teen rated.

Regardless, I appreciate your honest feedback.

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Finally, we waited for this very day! Thank you for this update and the continuation of which we have been waiting for so long! I hope that Feisty will not atone for his guilt, unlike Andrias, thereby serving as his opposite, who willingly follows the Core and their conquests and actively promotes them, like their right hand, well, or hoof in this case! I hope the next chapter will be devoted again to Feisty and her invasion of the Changeling kingdom, where she and her Frobot army kills everyone without pity and regret, knows about their thirst for revenge since their invasion of Canterlot, finds the Changeling who killed her father, who is Farinx, and in the end kills Thorax and then together with the army completely destroys the hive and the land around it and watches from the cliff as everything burns with a great sense of satisfaction and what the Core is very pleased with after learning about all this. And also, circle the Gloam Fall/The Core dialogs in black bold so that you can see what they are saying. Thanks again for this chapter and we are waiting until the end of the month and the rest in February!

It certainly makes sense there's a difference between Amphibia and this. I think what threw me off the most was that feeling of roughness just being so different from how in Amphibia, characters making not only jokes, but also observations and remarks about their feelings mid-battle, helped soften up the edge to things and make things feel more real, and each character being different about what they'd say helped to make me appreciate them as different characters. It's hard to connect with the characters so far, since all they seem to do is the exact expected thing with very cliche dialog.


And also, circle the Gloam Fall/The Core dialogs in black bold so that you can see what they are saying. Thanks again for this chapter and we are waiting until the end of the month and the rest in February!

I appreciate your excitement for this, but I’m getting really tired of you trying to hurry me to get this story done. I have a life outside this website, and stories like this take a lot of time. I should not have to repeat myself. And The Core’s dialogue will remain the same, thank you.

You're right, sorry about that. I'm just such a person, but it won't happen again, I promise in this.Well, we hope that sooner or later a new chapter of this work will appear. And if it's not difficult, then I hope that you will eventually have a job where Digitally Advanced Villain Emulator or just... D.A.V.E. gets into Equestria!

When Feisty leads the Core’s forces to destroy the other kingdoms and (hopefully not) drive the sapients extinct:

When Feisty reunites with her father’s ghost, only for the latter to disown the former for her heinous actions:

When Feisty merges with the Core after the mentioned above:

When Feisty begins her hunt for the Rebellion:

When Feisty falls further into madness:

When Feisty chases Spike, Discord, Ember, Thorax, Gilda, Skystar, Rutherford, Anne, Sasha, and Marcy:

When someone (Spike or the Calamity Trio) make the heroic sacrifice:

When Feisty gets her comeuppance:

“Excellent speech, my friend. Oh, and one more thing. King Thorax and his Changelings have failed to surrender their kingdom and their rights within three days. You can have them,” Gloam Fall commanded.

I really hope that the Changelings don’t go extinct. Because that’s what this line is suggesting.

I hope a moment like this happens later in the story (preferably to Feisty and the Core):

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