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This story is a sequel to Return of the Core

Seven years have past since The Core successfully took full control of Equestria—with Twilight Sparkle as its new host. Spike and Discord must seek help and discover a way through which they can save their home and defeat the alien threat. It is only a matter of time until all hope is truly lost. But they have yet to discover a newfound hope to save them all…an amphibious one.

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Hmm, the start is rather rocky. Sure, I went in without reading the original story, but it just feels very...sudden and a little edgy/blunt that we get this loving family arrangement pushed very hard by the prose and then the dad dies in the most dramatic, yet generic, way possible, and hard to connect emotionally with.
It's definitely a positive that the tags of the story aren't lying but...I went in expecting something a lot more like Amphibia's tone, where there is death, and it's not afraid to point that out, unlike FiM, but for the most part, protagonists are pretty safe, and fights are silly, with the darker parts saved for when things go very wrong, and done in less brutal ways, with little onscreen. Basically, I more expected something like the changelings dragging him off to be cocooned, or turning into something big to eat him, not using venom after draining his love, and with more leadup involving more casual dialog before everything went wrong.

Thanks for the feedback. To be honest, I have a thing for themes that are rather dark or non-silly, and the thing you described at the end isn’t really I wanted to go for.

Also, Amphibia’s tone won’t really fit this story since it’s teen rated.

Regardless, I appreciate your honest feedback.

Comment posted by PoNyFICTIon12 deleted Jan 21st, 2023

Finally, we waited for this very day! Thank you for this update and the continuation of which we have been waiting for so long! I hope that Feisty will not atone for his guilt, unlike Andrias, thereby serving as his opposite, who willingly follows the Core and their conquests and actively promotes them, like their right hand, well, or hoof in this case! I hope the next chapter will be devoted again to Feisty and her invasion of the Changeling kingdom, where she and her Frobot army kills everyone without pity and regret, knows about their thirst for revenge since their invasion of Canterlot, finds the Changeling who killed her father, who is Farinx, and in the end kills Thorax and then together with the army completely destroys the hive and the land around it and watches from the cliff as everything burns with a great sense of satisfaction and what the Core is very pleased with after learning about all this. And also, circle the Gloam Fall/The Core dialogs in black bold so that you can see what they are saying. Thanks again for this chapter and we are waiting until the end of the month and the rest in February!

It certainly makes sense there's a difference between Amphibia and this. I think what threw me off the most was that feeling of roughness just being so different from how in Amphibia, characters making not only jokes, but also observations and remarks about their feelings mid-battle, helped soften up the edge to things and make things feel more real, and each character being different about what they'd say helped to make me appreciate them as different characters. It's hard to connect with the characters so far, since all they seem to do is the exact expected thing with very cliche dialog.


And also, circle the Gloam Fall/The Core dialogs in black bold so that you can see what they are saying. Thanks again for this chapter and we are waiting until the end of the month and the rest in February!

I appreciate your excitement for this, but I’m getting really tired of you trying to hurry me to get this story done. I have a life outside this website, and stories like this take a lot of time. I should not have to repeat myself. And The Core’s dialogue will remain the same, thank you.

You're right, sorry about that. I'm just such a person, but it won't happen again, I promise in this.Well, we hope that sooner or later a new chapter of this work will appear. And if it's not difficult, then I hope that you will eventually have a job where Digitally Advanced Villain Emulator or just... D.A.V.E. gets into Equestria!

When Feisty leads the Core’s forces to destroy the other kingdoms and (hopefully not) drive the sapients extinct:

When Feisty reunites with her father’s ghost, only for the latter to disown the former for her heinous actions:

When Feisty merges with the Core after the mentioned above:

When Feisty begins her hunt for the Rebellion:

When Feisty falls further into madness:

When Feisty chases Spike, Discord, Ember, Thorax, Gilda, Skystar, Rutherford, Anne, Sasha, and Marcy:

When someone (Spike or the Calamity Trio) make the heroic sacrifice:

When Feisty gets her comeuppance:

“Excellent speech, my friend. Oh, and one more thing. King Thorax and his Changelings have failed to surrender their kingdom and their rights within three days. You can have them,” Gloam Fall commanded.

I really hope that the Changelings don’t go extinct. Because that’s what this line is suggesting.

I hope a moment like this happens later in the story (preferably to Feisty and the Core):

Slightly blushing, Spike briefly hugged her back. Once they broke the embrace, Discord teleported himself and Spike out of the basement.

And so we return to the world of Amphibia… I hope we get to see what the characters there have been doing after the Calamity Trio returned home. Maybe what happened with that new continent?

Me: When will you realize, Feisty, the more lives you take, the less of a soul you’ll have?

Feisty: …until everything in this world IS DEAD!!!


She is definitely going to hell. :twilightangry2: :pinkiecrazy:

And I hope that the spirit/ghost of her father shows up, is so very disgusted with her pure evil actions, and tearfully disowns her completely.

That will finally break that bitches spirit.

Discord then grabbed his thinking cap and placed it on his head. The cap then started to produce a few lightbulbs all at once. As soon as it finished, he threw it away and scrutinized each of the bulbs.

“Hmm, let’s see.” He grabbed one of them and zoomed his eyeball right into it. “Nope, too boring,” he said, throwing it away.

Then he grabbed another. “Nah, too cliche.”

For the third, “Nope, another boring trope.”

For the fourth, “Oh, no, we’ll get copyrighted for that.”

For the fifth, “Yuck, I hate that universe!”

Finally, he picked up the last one, “Ahhh, now this is more like it!”

“What is it?”

“Oh, you know, it’s been years since I’ve visited that world. Much like Equestria, it has many wonders, surprises, amusements, and a lot of interesting creatures. I believe they will help us.”

What were those various "worlds"/"universes"/franchises did Discord looked? I know that the last one is obviously Amphibia.

Who bets that when this is all over. That Twilight ( IF she survives. ) steps down her leadership, and rightfully give it back to Celestia and Luna. And tragically go into self-exile.

Considering the fact that this is all technically her own damn fault! For blindly and naivety trusting the Core itself. Thus, has the blood of many innocent non-ponies ( And some of the good ponies that have rebelled and defy the Core before. ) on her hooves. And f***** up Equestria for literally over seven long years.

I doubt everypony/everybody will even trust her again. If they learn that Twilight did SAVED/HELPED a weakened Core, when she should have finished it off once and for all.

And for also stupidly made that "unity" crystal too.

( It's not like they have the dragon balls or anything to bring back the dead? )

...yeah, I'm not so sure that will last for long.

The result:

Their reactions to the two as whole is hilarious.

Wonder how the Young Six are doing too?

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?” The whole continent shook from the loud noise.

Pretty much the perfect reaction.

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?” The whole continent shook from the loud noise.

Ow, my ear!

You really have it out for stupidity and simple solutions not being made for these stories, do you?


Well, yeah. This terrible dark terrible future, and a whole loss of innocent life WOULDN'T have happened.

IF Twilight wasn't a mindless idiot for blindly trusting the Core. This, will have everlasting consequences on her too.

P.S. My opinion of this may have been influenced by watching those good ole How "insert movie/series" should have ended on YouTube.

In her and everycreature’s defense (except Feisty), they never knew that the Core was evil as first until it was too late.

Didn’t you also have grievances about My Little Pony: No Way Home that relate to this, as well?


Don't want Feisty to come back as a pure evil fire demon for some reason, from your hypothetical scenario? I mean, who will be the "devil" in this anyway? The Core itself? The real Grogar? I don't think so.

I already shown that I really despised Feisty for what she is doing. I literally don't want her to have a devilish "upgrade" or something like that.

Besides, Amphibia doesn't even have demons/underworld/hell, or something like that from Primal.

Yes, from Battwell.

I can see that, but from my perspective, Feisty sees every atrocity she's committing as doing right for her father; once she gets disowned by him after trying to justify her actions, she realizes she has lost everything... but that would make her solidify her resolve as a villain since now she has no more to lose and allow her to merge with the Core. It'd make her final defeat all the more satisfying: she gets upgraded into the ultimate killing device and seemingly achieving her final revenge against Twilight and all those associated with her, only for fate to give her the biggest bird and whisk her to something even worse than dying.

And she doesn't have to be a fire demon, either. She could become something else like a cyborg if she merges with the Core.

The wounded Changeling still said nothing, making her groan in frustration. “You’re still a stubborn piece of trash, eh? Well, remember that the spirits of Tartarus will welcome you with open hooves before you suffer for all eternity…for my father…and for me…” she whispered. She then spat at him before she refocused her attention to the assembly.

You delusional moron! It will be you that will end up in Tartarus, hypocritical bitch.

So don't be too shocked or surprised that you end up in hell instead. :pinkiecrazy:

She wickedly laughed out loud, lightning striking above the castle. However, the brightness of the Unity Crystals grew slightly dim which caused a small crack.

Finally, something good comes out of this.

The ponies shouted cries of hate and anger to the prisoners.

As the ponies celebrated his execution, Thorax’s legs felt weak as he watched him die. He loudly sobbed on the floor, not caring if anyone else could hear him or not.

These ponies in the crowd disgust me too. They should all be frickin ashamed! I hope they get karma too once the Core and Feisty bitch get their consequence.

Gloam Fall, Core-infected Twilight's name this whole time. Really?

That's sound like a silly name for a gumball product. :rainbowhuh:

“How many more classics will they remake? Haven’t they done enough already?” Mrs. Boonchuy complained.

“Tell me about it! They’re even planning to remake another animated film that isn’t even a decade old!” said Mr. Boonchuy. “They’re just getting desperate at this point!”

“If they ever—I mean ever—remake The Soft Heart, *cracks knuckles* they’ll have another thing coming for them,” she added, typing furiously on her laptop.

Tell me about it. I do admit that some remakes can be good. BUT, not every remake can achieve rare success. Especially most of the Disney live-action remakes for example.

“Alright, listen, we ask Anne to help us out, go back to Equestria, defeat the Core, rescue Twilight, and—,”

“…and then we get back to our happy little lives! Yeah, yeah, Spike, we get it,” Discord interrupted, turning into a dragon. “‘This is a serious mission! No fun and games until we complete our duty! No distractions!’” he mocked.

Spike groaned in frustration. Then he proceeded to angrily whisper to Discord saying, “Ever since we left Equestria, you barely took this mission seriously. The more we goof around, the more lives will be in danger!”

A whole lot of innocent creatures still fricken DIED! So, it still won't be a full happy ending once the Core and Feisty bitch gets what's coming to them.

UNLESS, you repeat your deus ex machina where everybody suddenly comes back to life in dragon ball-inspired magic fashioned, from your Batman crossover?


UNLESS, you repeat your deus ex machina where everybody suddenly comes back to life in dragon ball-inspired magic fashioned, from your Batman crossover?

Seriously, dude, you need to let that go. Stop bringing that up, and that’s not gonna happen again. It’s been like what, three years? It’s extremely annoying you’re not over it. DROP it.

Really ot fond of while Discord and frogs get to be humans, Spike was a motorcycle.
Its "Spike is a dog/pufferfish because lol" again, even if it was a few minutes..

Now that we saw Anne's reaction, the other 2(especially Marcy) might not take it well when they see the Core is back.


Really ot fond of

Would you kindly re-word that first part? I’m struggling to understand what you’re saying.

I said really not fond of.

I don't know how that "n" went missing.
I tried using a on-screen keyboard since my laptop's many keys are not working


Ohhh, I get it. Thanks for clarifying.

Seeing you’re such a huge Spike fan, I can see why you’d be annoyed by that. But hey, it’s just a random little gag, so don’t be too bothered by it.

I just can't help but be bothered by it though because its another case of "Others get a form but Spike gets the short end of the stick" like the whole dog/pufferfish thing.


She got back up, shedding more tears than before. She picked up her crown and looked at her own reflection. Then she looked down on the books and angrily threw them at the nearest shelf. “I failed Equestria, and I failed you…Celestia. I don’t deserve everything that was handed down to me on a silver platter. This is…ALL. MY. FAULT!!! I should’ve killed the Core if I knew what would happen!!”

Yeah, you really should have. :ajbemused:

Gloam Fall dramatically raised their hooves and forcefully stepped on all their eggs, crushing them completely.

The dragons looked horrified at the sight as the liquid remains were all over their hooves. They wiped them off on Ember’s face, evilly grinning.

“Hope you enjoy your breakfast! HAHAHAHAHA!”

Ember fell on her knees, shocked at what she witnessed. “You…you monster…”

“Well, Ember? Are you finally ready to serve your new master?”

Flabbergasted, she stood back up on her feet and roared at their face. “After what you just did?!? NEVER!! I’d rather die fighting than grovel to the likes of you!”

Gloam Fall groaned in annoyance. “Of course you would say that. Oh well, if that’s what you want…” The frobots shocked her and knocked her out unconscious.

“Take her away. We’ll make an example of her later.”

After the frobots did so, Gloam Fall turned back to their prisoners. “Anyone else desires to follow her footsteps?”

The dragons fearfully shook their heads.

“Excellent! Now that all the non-pony leaders have ceased their resistance, no one can stop us! The legacy of the Core will reign supreme!” Gloam Fall triumphantly declared.

Dude! Too far!? 😒

You're gonna turn this into mature rating by this point.

“Excellent! Now that all the non-pony leaders have ceased their resistance, no one can stop us! The legacy of the Core will reign supreme!” Gloam Fall triumphantly declared.

Don't count your basilisks before they hatch.

Out of curiosity…

Is your “Amphibia” crossover series serving as your own lead up of sorts to “My Little Pony: A New Generation”? Or will it not have anything to do with G5 as a whole aside from the Unity Crystals serving as a plot element?

The former. This is my personal headcannon way of explaining what happened before MLP: A New Generation.

I was wondering about that.

With Twilight having apparently been manipulated into creating the crystals by the Core, I’m already interested in seeing how this revelation could come into play for a G5 story.


Dang it!

I'm not particularly a fan to the G5 setting. Not against the characters, just the setting as a whole.

I first thought that Equestria as we know it can partially be saved. And with our Amphibia main characters joining the mix to finally save the day.

But considering the irreversible deaths, I'm losing hope.

Sorry to disappoint, but that’s the direction I’m taking it. I’ll still try to end it in a somewhat positive note, but that’s all I can say and do.

Well, like I said before, I have grown interested in seeing this story be given a sequel taking place in G5.

As a matter of fact, for some reason…I often envisioned an anti-hero character making it his mission to destroy the Unity Crystals so that Equestria could be free of their power and the ponies could have their magic back. With the main characters of G5 opposing him, because they believe that the crystals are a good thing.

Any thoughts on this?


Are the G5 Mane Five stupid or ignorant?

I highly doubt they wouldn't know that these "Unity Crystals" are used for evil by the core!?

Not sure. From what I gather, though, they basically view the crystals as a benefit for encouraging friendship and unity. As well as a genuine solution for resolving conflicts.

“Cut it out, dude! I’m sick and tired of you constantly wasting our time! Don’t you have any idea how serious this is?! At this time, we should already be back in Equestria, kick the Core’s butt, and save what remains of our home! But we aren’t!!”

Discord was taken aback by his outburst. “Spike…I was just—,”

“If I didn’t know any better, I think you’re intentionally delaying our mission just so that you can goof around—almost like you don’t want to help save our friends,” Spike accused.

“Spike! How can you…?!”

“LISTEN TO ME! Twilight is probably suffering right now, and we—I am not there to help her!” Then Spike proceeded to fall on his knees and weep. “Ever since that monster took her, I…I…felt guilty. I wasn’t there to save her—to protect her. I should’ve been there with her when she lashed out at us and ran to her room…crying. I felt like I wanted to give up…but I didn’t. *growls* And I wanted to get my claws on that thing for whatever it did to her.”

Discord stood still as he listened.

“That’s why I’ve urgently wanted to complete this mission as soon as possible. I care about Equestria, Discord. Why won’t you?”

Does either Spike forget or only think about Twilight as the main priority? But the core did way worse stuff than possessing Twilight.

The untold slavery, torture, and many deaths.

I don't know how he will feel when he finally figure out that thorax's brother is dead, or what happened to the poor dragon eggs.

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