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Amidst the beautiful and unforgiving city of Canterlot, where prejudice is rampant and passion even more so, two women forge an unlikely bond and explore the answer to a simple question: is selling your body the same as selling yourself?

A series of vignettes. Will try to update every few days or when I'm able to. Extensive amounts of research (and several interviews!) went into the creation of this fic so as to portray the topics in sensible and respectful ways.

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Beautiful writing. Rarity is just so... Rarity in this story, despite how much of an AU it is. This role you've given her is such a perfect fit. I eagerly look forward to seeing what your Twilight is like, and how they play off one another.

More than anything I love the simple yet elegant writing style of this. While not the usual kind of fic I find myself drawn to, the elegant writing enraptured me and I will most certainly be keeping an eye on this one.

A solid start, and I can't wait to see what more is to come~

is selling your body the same as selling yourself?

I would have passed over this story if not for that proposition in the synopsis. I love stories that attempt to answer difficult or interesting questions like this, and the writing is excellent besides.

I have high hopes for this one. Let's see where it goes.

Thanks, Undo! I really appreciate your feedback. It always cheers me up.

Thank youuuu, Sam <3

Thanks! I'm excited to write this. It's certainly a difficult subject to handle tactfully, but I will try my best.

the ship, and I following you since long time ago...

Oh , I know who you are :trollestia:


What? No, you don't. I am crow. I mean, I'm not a crow. I'm no one else shhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhh

This is amazing. Keep it up!!

Thank you, Eclipse!

Yeah yeah, you are polychrome :duck:

Celestia is the bestia.

“If you’re lucky,” she continued, as somewhere far away I made my way towards Sugarcube Corner, “you might meet someone interesting.”

As I said.

You know how, in other stories, once you have a general feeling of the scene you can skim the paragraph for the dialogue? Not that the feelings aren't important, but that you get the general idea so you can skip some filler?

I can't do that at all with your writing, this specific entirely. It feels as if every single words and sentence carries significant importance to the story, the writing, and the emotions.

I am very envious of this, and would love to one day be able to replicate that level of depth in writing. Keep up the amazing work!

I did enjoy Moulin Rouge, so this should be fun.

I'd be entirely unsurprised if this setting's Luna has something to do with The Sapphire Carousel.

Fantastic worldbuilding on display, here, and I love Rarity's narration. Skilled handling of risky subject matter too, so far. Two thumbs up from me. Keep it up!

Oh my god, I've never realized how deep I am in pony writing until the moment I kept writing everypony out of sheer habit. RIP me.

I once almost said hooves instead of hands in front of my parents and a doctor once.

Funny how she knew so much, and yet she understood so very little.

This sentence is gorgeous.

I'm curious to see how you interlink all the characters in this. I like the setup with Celestia and Twi already, and Luna's non-appearance in the story is a nice touch.

Also, I'm curious to know who your main account is, as you've mentioned it before. Not many people just show up on this site and write so fluently.

Ohmygosh, I can get into this. Seriously, like. Every. Single. Word of this is so engaging AND JUST THE WORLD BUILDING IS SPOT ON WITH IT FLOWS, HOW IT'S PACED AND HOW IT'S SHOWN, I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT OMG. I didn't know what I was going to get into with reading the title and description, BUT NOW I'M HERE and I'm really excited to follow this. It's so engaging and the unique perspective really spices things up, with the narration and how that flows very well. You can really interpret what's going on through context, inferences and colorful writing. It's so immersive and ahhh, the setting is so dynamic, grand and has that potential to expand into something amazing. HONESTLY, just I can't stop gushing over this, but this is one of the most unique executions of an AU that I've read of which that has engaged me so far AND HAS ME WANTING SO MUCH MORE. BUT OF COURSE, TAKE ALLLLL THE TIME YOU NEED. Literally it could months and I'd still be happy as long as there's the outcome and conclusion. I'm hyped for the ride through this story and what you'll come up with for these two. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh :heart: :heart:

holy shit this is good.

this is like I would Pay Money For This good

1.) i need it

2.) lol yeah pony will do weird things to yourvocab

3.) this narrative voice is GOOD and I LIKE IT A LOT and its just SO so SO conversational. youve captured the way you tell stories via DM.

There's gonna be a lot to learn from the Twilight Sparkle woman. And Twilight might even survive the CMC.

This story are really awesome.

Rarity and Twilight haven't met, yet it's already so fantastic! Love the Sweetie Belle encounter, and the Celestia stuff is intriguing.

This is some good stuff!

I’m in love with this. I can’t even like compose why. It’s this;

I briefly glanced her way before taking a nearby tissue and wiping the blood off my hand. That done, I returned my gaze to my sister and asked, “Listened to what?”

Her groan of utter exasperation amused me endlessly, and I placed my index finger inside my mouth, stopping the flow of blood with a quick suck of my tongue.

“Rarity!” Sweetie continued. “That’s gross!”

“Is it?” I asked. “You know, it’s said that when humans first came to be, we lived under the earth and had veins made of solid iron and copper until we came out into the surface and the sun melted them into blood.”

Sweetie’s delightful face scrunched into a frown, mouth opening and closing. “That… You just made that up!” she declared, crossing her arms.

9030092 holy shit that passage

Palm strikes, Sweetie Belle. Palm strikes. It will open your eyes to a whole new world of uninjured knuckles and plausible deniability.

Still loving this story.

This is wonderful so far, and I'm excited to see more of it :twilightsmile:

And the cause of Sweetie's injuries wasn't nearly as nasty as I was expecting, given the setting :unsuresweetie:

A lot of questions but no answers

What is wrong with me, I literally just realized that you were writing this omg, of course it's so good omg how did I not even notice this, I love so much

I'm getting some strange time travel vibes here, maybe I'm just crazy though :applejackconfused:

Looking forward to this explanation that’s for sure. Keep up the good work!

If those are Luna's, it sounds like she left a long, long time ago. That said, there are a lot of details that don't quite add up, and I can't tell if it's because of AU differences or if there's something more going on we don't know about... Still expecting Luna to have something to do with the Carousel.

9048775 It was started on an alt and only recently transferred to Mono's main account. The only way you could tell whose it was before was if you were just that familiar with Mono's writing (or saw well-written RariTwi AU from an account that looked like an alt and took a guess).

I admit, I first saw this on Mono's blog, but now that I've read it, I can say that I probably would have recognized the style with little trouble.

Fascinating. I especially love how Rarity held back her own voice for this chapter, largely letting things stand as they were. No need for dramatic emphasis with something already so ominous.

Loving what's already here. I look forward to more.

Ahhhh, for sure, I definitely see it now! Honestly, I was too engaged within the story and the world within it that I didn't even take a second to think of who the author could be. But ahhhhhhhh, I'm looking back and I see how I could've missed it now haha

I have Thoughts.

This just continues to be amazing.

Oh santa Celestia, este fic es hermoso.

I loved that first interaction, and everything it implies. It mostly implies that there will be Raritwi, but also tells about Twilight's take on the world. There aren't much people to calculate a dragon's weight based on the things it does

I think this was my favorite chapter yet. There's so, so much here that isn't apparent at first glance, but adds so much meaning once it is.

“Remembered,” she said, and as her memories went back to the missing child in the Lady’s mansion, her tone softened and with strange sadness she added, “but not missed.”

This must have hit Rarity hard, given her line of work. It's probably something she regularly avoids thinking about just in order to do the job, but that could describe how her clients feel about her day in and day out: they might remember her if she's good, but they'll never, ever miss her.

“You said you wouldn’t miss me when I’ve gone,” I told her as I stood up. “Well…”

I smiled.

“You will now.”

And here, Rarity is so skilled at reading people she can pick out exactly how to capture Twilight from just that tiny conversation: she just hung a mystery in front of Twilight's face, taunted her with it, and told her it was something she wasn't allowed to know, with the implication that maybe she could if she could find her later. That's going to keep Twilight up at night.

She would miss me later that night, later that week, later that year, and unlike poor little Silver Blue, she would continue to miss me long after I’d gone to where she could not follow.

Oh, Rarity. I don't see a sad tag, but if this story is being narrated by a ghost...

Rarity: fascinating isn't it yes it is

What's fascinating is how you can perfectly capture Rarity's character in a zero-punctuation improperly formed six-word clip that isn't even a sentence. The author's note made me giggle so hard.

Once the conversation topic get set, it kind of has a life of its own.

Oh, wow. This was really quite something, for a scene so ostensibly small.

She confessed with both pride and embarrassment that she’d been calculating the size and weight of a dragon based on things it had done throughout the book. When I asked her why she’d done that, she simply said why not.

I thought about her for the rest of my life after that.

I think that passage is really rather close to perfect?

How does that perfectly capture Rarity's character?

I love how Rarity's narration obfuscates what actually happened. Then you read the author's note and realize Rarity was staring at a cute girl and panicked when she looked back.

...and unlike poor little Silver Blue, she would continue to miss me long after I’d gone to where she could not follow.

Oh dear. I think I see where this is going.

In any case, this is weirdly hilarious in its awkwardness, the conversational equivalent of a cat falling off a shelf and acting like it had meant to do exactly that.

In the three or four seconds she looked at me, I was the dragon whose weight and size this beautiful and strange woman had to figure out.

I love this line because it perfectly summarizes the thought processes of both Rarity and Twilight so perfectly in the span of a single sentence.

Graciaaaaas <3

And yes, there will be RariTwi 👀

Ahhhh, thank you so much for your comment, Yoshi! I really loved it, and it really cheered me up yesterday. I'm really glad you're enjoying the story.

Yes, I'm really proud with how this came out. I'm super happy with this story in general.

Heeeee :heart:

Rarity's too smitten to be suave.

honestly that is exactly what happened

Rarity: fascinating isn't it yes it is

Mono's author notes feel like the little Pixar shorts before the feature film: beautiful, hilariously honest, and oh-so-short.

I have a sister whose facial expressions and deadpan I can hear from the way she texts me; I get that same feeling from reading this story. It's vivid, and it's amazing.

I'm wiling to bet that after Rarity successfully turned her awkward ice breaking into looking cool and mysterious, she did a mental fist pump and thought, "Nailed it!" on the train.
I'm also willing to bet that wasn't even her train.

I know someone else already said much the same thing, but I absolutely felt the same way, so I’ll happily repeat it. This passage:

I asked her, weeks later, after we’d formally met, why on Earth was she doing math while reading a children’s book about dragons and fairies.
She confessed with both pride and embarrassment that she’d been calculating the size and weight of a dragon based on things it had done throughout the book. When I asked her why she’d done that, she simply said why not.
I thought about her for the rest of my life after that.

I can’t put why into words for the life of me, but it was sublime in how it absolutely validated a relationship in the most effortless way I think I’ve ever seen. Haven’t read much RariTwi, never much felt like it before, but this chapter alone has convinced me that it can be a beautiful thing.

This is an awe-inspiring story, and while I don’t quite feel like I’m getting all the depth that there is to it, reading it is a mesmerizing experience.

Looking forward to more! :raritystarry:

That is...well, it's not how I'd expected to run into Fancy and Fleur. Not that I'm complaining. It's good to see Rarity with close friends.

Rarity and Celestia and cleaning up that misunderstanding is going to be quite difficult isn't it. I look forward to the drama eagerly.

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