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Let’s get this done before I start telling you about the lampshade hanging over there.”

No way was that a checkmate, Rarity could have easily killed Twilight's QueenPrincess with the pawn on H2.
In a Fools Gambit the G2 pawn is moves 2 spaces up, so the QueenPrincess wouldn't need to eat it and move into the pawn's range.

H2 moved up a space

Nope, I reread it just in case.
Rarity only moves the F2 and G2 pawns, and her Knight.

Balls. I could have sworn. Well, to late to change it now.

Every little bit counts

Indeed. I gave it an upvote and would not have seen it otherwise. :twilightsheepish: Although simple, it is well-executed for what it is.
And since a theme of it seems to be passing on...it was an interesting twist/decision to have Rarity pass on the chess set. For a while I was confused by that decision...then how it tied in hit me. :pinkiegasp: Well done on that!

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