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In years past, every time Equestria was forced to defend itself, the nation found itself having to rely on its champions in order to defend it. Yet when the latest threat rears their head, all but levels Equestria and leaves two out of three princesses weakened, it's guardians are going to need more than just a little help when it comes to tackling a threat still lurking in shadows. So diving into Star Swirl's old tomes Celestia and Luna scrounge up enough magic to call forth a mighty warrior from beyond the boundaries of reality.
Meanwhile on Earth, seven months following the arrival of the Green Mist, a young man finds himself wandering into the city of Canterlot City.
Revision of Displaced: Fallen Kingdom

Chapters (14)
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An interesting premise. I like the pacing so far. Interested to see where it goes from here.

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