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You know my life has always been simple. Though I don't know where I'm from or why i have come to existed or what I am really wait what was I talking about? Oh yeah simple life. I spend most of my time just playing pranks on people, having fun, and making friends occasionally. Oh yeah and my personal favorite causing havoc. Nothing beats burning down cities for a good time. I never run out of places to go because I can open these nifty portals that go to other dimensions. Its just a good time trust me. Never thought I'd find talking horses though or "ponies" as they keep insisting.

I'm not sure how this story is going to end yet so yeah...

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Author's note: Unlike my other story that came up rather quickly on the site, I actually don't have the chapters written for this story yet so there will be a wait and for that i am sorry. :ajsleepy: I've only just started chpt. 2 BUT while you wait you could check out my Dexter fic. The killer not the lab guy.

You Finaaly nagged me enough to read your story and i must say i quite like the story! :moustache:

i found you connor and i have read this... THIS THING you have created!

1977449 ok man :rainbowlaugh: think that's my first fav for this story

1977480 no thank you not watching that :rainbowlaugh: aw what :pinkiegasp: i got a dislike when that happen

1977483 do it its disturbing as FUCK! BUT ITS HILARIOUS!!!

1977489 no i got enough things to give me nightmares Corporal Cat Meow ! :rainbowlaugh: i like that one

1977494 HEHEHE oh yea forgot bout my nickname module fuck

1977504 you should put it near the top! let people know

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