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So I'm a firm believer in recycling characters. What I mean by that is in going to use my various oc's in different waits throughout my different stories Whether or not they're a main character. I've also decided that each of my oc's (Bunsen Burner, Apple Risotto, and Aquamarine (she's my new earth pony oc)) are each going to get two stories. One is going to be an adventure story and the other will be a slice for life story. So with that in mind you can look forward to at least 4 new stories

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I'm glad my story found a home on your bookshelf :scootangel:
And I apologize for the pun, I couldn't resist :ajsleepy:

Thanks for the fav on "Love's Light: The Dragon Wars: A Window to the Past"

Thanks for the fave of 'Remembrance Day'! :)

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