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Our motives are unknown, and if you aren't in the group then you don't get to know!

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374821 okay good I'm not in the mood for that anyways

374819 but we can have a fight of the gods if you want:derpytongue2:

374818 ... *sighs* Sure, whatever.

374815 hmmm yeah I am the godfather of evil and darkness itself so yeah...... Let's not get into this

374816 I can be whatever you want me to be baby (HeHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEEE)

374814 I thought u were female but I kinda expected this! :rainbowlaugh:

374813 But yeah I don't wanna fight with you. Hell, I'm more maniacal then evil.

374813 I just made a homosexual pass at you and you either thought I was female, ignored it or didn't pick up on it. Kewl.

374812 smirks and a hello to you too ^3^

374811 *blows you a kiss* Hello sailor~

374810 looks at you and flicks you off because why the hell not? :rainbowlaugh:

374809 *stands there, because again, you have no actual ability to effect me in real life* *Yawns*

374808 takes out a gun and shoots you in the head. Oh look you're dead

374802 *is not effected because you have no power in real life* HA! I am invincible.

374799 *looks at you and blasts you with a beam of darkness and you crash through several walls* Weak and pethetic you are a descrace to this organization! Now leave!!!

354675 *stares into your soul* Some of you may have heard of me most of you have not. I am the ruler of the three realms of punishment. Hell, The void and, The abyss. I will not bow to any one especially to weaklings like you now beat it or I shall tear out your soul and peal it apart slowly killing you!


  • Viewing 20 - 39 of 39