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Twilight ventures out into the mountains to see a once-in-a-lifetime event. Disappointed by her friends not coming with her, Twilight crosses paths with a kindred spirit.

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One of my favorite stories! :raritystarry: Nice to see it here.

Wow, really really love the storys, one of the top on my list great job. :twilightsmile:


This was the first MLP fan fic I read, and it was the one that inspired me to write my own. Very glad to see it again!

#5 · Oct 1st, 2011 · · · Chapter 2 ·

Why are there no comments. THIS IS AMAZING! You have done an outstanding job with this so far. I can tell the effort in it and just the amount of showing instead of telling is GAHHHH If i were an english teacher A+ :D Just everything about it, the emotion feels real and built up as if it was actually going on. All in all this is a remarkable work, you should be very proud of yourself ^^ LunaxTwilight <3. Oh i dont have an account on here, i really should make one, anywho idk if you would like to msg me or if u have a Deviant Art i would gladly give u a llama ^^ my DA is http://pinkiepocalypse.deviantart.com/ Im just so pleased with you work i want 2 keep in touch :pinkiehappy::heart:

#6 · Oct 1st, 2011 · · · Chapter 3 ·

MUST. FINISH. EVEN. THOUGH. ITS 1 AM.....Still the best shipping/fanfic ive read :D, Its just so dense ish amazing:scootangel:

I usually don't read fanfics but stumbling upon this was one of the best things thats happened to my in the past week :) Great job, perfect way to end my day, 1:17 am, and good night. Stars have a new meaning ^-

#8 · Oct 9th, 2011 · · · Chapter 2 ·

PinkiePocalypse, its because they are too enthralled reading the story to break away to comment!


Great story, the high rating is well deserved.

Awww this story is very cute, I love it^^

What a super-duper awesome story... Can't put words on it. Just too beautiful :)
-This goes to my bookmarks so i can read it again sometime !

That was a great read. Very cute and it ended perfectly. Well done :twilightsmile:

A very well written story. A real joy to read! THANK YOU!

ps. are you thinking about a sequel? The story was far too short - I wish I could read more of it :)

DAWWWWWWWWWW. :pinkiesad2:

I concur with Guestanon xD

This is probably gonna end up in my top 5, I'll make sure to rate it accordingly. Before I move on I'd like to make another comment... I found it weird that Twilight and Luna ate eggs for breakfast. :derpytongue2:

1:30 AM here and I really wanna finish this as well. @_@
I seriously love this one:heart:


Ahem... I apologise for using the Royal Canterlot voice so very suddenly but this fic is just that awesome! :rainbowkiss: I :heart: it! ^_^

Twilight and Luna shipping, my favorite.

Wonderful story, and well written as well.

I wanted to see more, or at least a two sided acknowledgment of the actual love, rather than just it being left at a kiss. But that being said, the story was great, and was well written.

No comments? What's wrong with everypony?!! Magnificence, thy name is Common Sky. Honestly, this is beauty it it's finest form! I love this!!

Lovely, simply lovely.

sorry, but this little error of yours made me giggle:

"still somewhat weary of the royal alicorn"
weary means tired
should read "still somewhat wary of the royal alicorn"

don't want to embarrass you, but i thought it might be good to remember :scootangel:

I agree! another chapter is needed

Comment posted by kjaslwod deleted May 3rd, 2018


In "The Staremaster" and "May The Best Pet Win" you can see that the ponies keep a coup of chickens - which only makes sense if they're using the eggs. Not only that, but Applejack's farm has cows which they presumably use for milk.

So ponies are ovo-lacto vegetarians, by my guess. :P

Wow I don't think this story had any shipping as I know it in it but was more of an emotional love story than a physical one. 5 trillion stars :moustache:

Ah, look. It's all warm and fluffy. I love it.

*looks around nervously*
*hides behind hood of camouflage trench coat*

.....first Fan-fic I ever read was "Cupcakes", and for some twisted reason, I liked it (even though t made me sick at the sight of anything edible and rainbow colored).

As for the story........
*removes hood on camouflage trench coat*
*places hood back on head*

That was an amazing way to end your fic. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, you portrayed pre-eclipse Luna so well. I have read and reviewed hundreds of fics, and only given five stars to three stories, ever. This has certainly earned the fourth place on that list. You brought so much life and emotion into this story, I can only hope that you continue to write romance like this.

Edit: Looks like my rate boosted your average up to 4.9.

Well deserved.

A quick little google search revealed this: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081229212215AAQrYl8 yes, ponies can, in fact, eat eggs.

I loved this story, its one of the most beautiful I've read, I look forward to more :heart:

i finished this so i can finally go to bed, now that its almost 1 am
right after i 5 star and favorite this story

So great, took me like 3 days of busyness to get it read. Well worth it.

So... Celestia damn cute...
Simple ending (would have loved to just a bit more [Not in THAT sense, necessarily]), but quite beautiful nonetheless.
The only sad part is that the max rating I can give you is 5, because this deserves to go off the scale.:heart:


"MOAR!!" :heart:

Also wondering why there isn't any luna emoticons :twilightangry2:


Hate It when stories, like yours, end. It was simply brilliant how you did it, though. :twilightsmile:

I can not tell you how long it took me to find this pic, but I think it sums up twi's feelings pretty well when she first made the dicovery

in the middle, twilight asking about Luna surviving on moon, hey look she's got hoof in mouth disease

A beautiful story. I'm being all humany-wumany and weeping with happiness at it. :twilightsmile:

Haha, second time reading, just as good as i remembered.

this is pure AMAZING!!!!

I thought you should know, this chapter inspired me to write a poem.

The night sky is my canvas
To paint the darkness as I so choose
Dusk and Twilight are my pastels
I stylus the stars to life
Constellations are my stencils
Galaxies and nebula as shading
The moon is the eye of the artist
Gazing through the ages
Hoping another can enjoy
The depths of her art

I know I'm reeeeaaaaally late to the party on this one, but I only just stumbled on your story, and I LOVE it so far. The only thing that bothered me is that you called it an 'Aurora Borealis' when the phenomenon itself is simply called an aurora. Borealis is the name given specifically to aurora that occur in the northern hemisphere, whereas Australis is the name given to the southern aurora.

...sorry, probably got a bit carried away with that. Basically, I'm just saying you should shorten it to Aurora.:scootangel:

first of all DAAAWWW, second of all i thought it was hilarious that pinkie pie has he own disighner brand of hot chocolate mix.:rainbowlaugh:

"If you break her heart, I'll break your spine.":trollestia:

now THAT, is a conclusion. well done.:moustache:

oh my sweet Celestia's cream filled cunt i didn't know that this was even a different story from All's Fair in Love and Star Dust! omsccc!!!! i shall read, cause i love TwiNight Shipping! (TwiNight=TwiLuna)

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