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No worse than branch-and-bound in a double blind trial


This story is a sequel to Nonstraight!

Twilight has been in love for Sunset for months, and the duo are closer than ever. Sure, they haven't -kissed- yet, but it could happen any day. Maybe even today.

With thanks and love to Nonnie


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I hope you’re doing okay

Thank you. Not the ending I was hoping to write, but no backsies!~

No, my heart isn't crying out in pain for Twilight and my OTP. Nope, not at all.

From the cute, adorkable opening, to the sad middle and heart rending end, that was a roller-coaster of feels. Well done.

This was a nice melancholy ending to this tale. Twilight's desperation makes her feel unlikable at times, but also pretty real, as expected from something based on real life. Pinkie's songs were a lot of fun. I will say that there was some fat in the story that could have been trimmed, but it also fits the rambling nature of Twilight's thoughts. The part where Twilight is woken up by the alarm was also confusing.

I mean it’s the only way to have a satisfying conclusion, but the pain is still there. It’s the A/N that really hurts though.

I have sympathy for Twilight here. My first relationship was not entirely dissimilar. It's sad when things don't work out, but c'est la vie. Even on the other side of things, it's sad. I want happiness for the few people I've rejected, even the ones who damaged our relationship, but I just couldn't be the one to give it to them.

I'll be thinking about this story--and my own past relationships--for some time. Thank you for sharing.

S'ok, mine is, so we can heart cry together for best horse and best monkey. Then write some Raritwi fluff to ignore the pain.

Mmyeah, I get that. Given the setup from the past two fics, if Twilight wasn't desperate at this point, that might be a little more surprising. As for whatever happened or didn't with Pinkie Pie ... rebound stuff is a real thing. Iunno if it's a healthy thing but it certainly exists psychologically. But folks can say this is as desperate/foo/bar/baz/etc as they want... but it's certainly realistic, I promise you that much ;)

Filly, to one of Filly's friends: "Could you please just kiss me right now? Just so I can put it in the fic. Twinkie is good for ratings"


Mwap. As a third part reader, it's easy to say that Twilight shouldn't be so desperate or that Sunset shouldn't be so flirty (is she really?), or that Sunset should've just said yes at some point since it would mean way more to Twilight than it would to her and there's nothing wrong with a little My Little Human: Friendship is Benefits. But... any of the above would destroy the integrity of the story, the commitment to portray reality as it is, not how a character wishes it to be. Or even supposing Sunset did say yes at some point? Would it not just hurt them both so much harder in the end, running on borrowed emotion and then having interest to pay back anyway...? sorry I hit my metaphor quota.

At least. That's how Twilight would see it. If I were Twilight. Subjunctive, obviously. Um.

As an aside -- I'm not entirely sure why this fic (more so than the others) takes place so explicitly in Canada. That was not intended in early drafting. It just sorta happened and I rolled with it, so take the headcanon as you will.

Oh, this was a stab in the heart, and that's at two removes, one fictional, one personal. I can only imagine how it was for you. Still, this is a good way to get back on one's feet, for you and Twilight. Excellent work in character voice, pacing, and emotional impact. And lyrics; Pinkie is a very good friend.

Thank you for an enjoyably crushing ending. Here's to whatever comes next.

Very strong tone and well-done pacing. This story is very raw, but Twilight is still supported and cared for by her friends, and everyone gets to tell their sides of the story dynamically, even if it's only told through Twilight's eyes.

Thank you. Lyrics are definitely my favourite part. Pinkie Pie here is acting as a composite character of many many people, so unfortunately there was no actual singing involved. And I had to get my own dang poutine, alas. But that gives creative liberty!~ As for sides of the story - I'm really glad that came through. Sunset has her own backstory, motivations, and perspective that Twilight doesn't seem to understand (I think this is why she seems unlikable as a character per Sigma's comment), but if that much is clear to the reader despite the unreliable narrator, then my job is done. Thank you for reading :)

I don’t think she came across as a character we weren’t supposed to like. She was very honest and gentle with how she handled Twi and did exactly as Twi asked, even when Twilight asked for something harsh.

Nononono (no pun intended), I meant Twilight perhaps coming across as unlikeable/entitled/desperate since Twilight doesn't seem to understand Sunset's perspective. Divergent from IRL for dramatic effect. Sunset is of course a peach of a plum of a pear.

Oh then I might have missed something in the comment or it was edited when I wasn’t looking.

Sunset has her own backstory, motivations, and perspective that Twilight doesn't seem to understand

You conveyed a lot more complexity in the story and their relationship than this one sentence does, but more our less yeah—this idea came through well.


Vast oversimplification that I think misses the mark. Letting go is hard, and as some who often also needs that direct, blunt, straight to the point message about the way things are, these adjectives strike me as too negative. Hopeful past the point of hope, stubbornly clinging to a sinking ship in case it can get to port before going under, passionate and devoted with unmatched commitment.

Twilight will find happiness in a relationship where her hope, devotion, and passion are well-received, but not Sunset, not today.

This hurt. A lot. Mostly cause I have been in the exact same situation before. I loved it.

Thank you for this sad, sad story. The author's note made it even sadder.

It's very relatable. I think most people have been through this exact experience, either from Twilight's perspective, or Sunset's.

Despite the semi-self-insertness of the character (as mentioned in the author's note), Twilight's characterization was very good. Through this whole series, I've enjoyed the references to math, science, and philosophy.

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