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Applejack doesn't understand what Sunset Shimmer sees in her cousin Braeburn. But then AJ doesn't quite understand what anybody sees in anybody. Romance is nothing but trouble, she's convinced, until yet another random explosion of wild Equestrian magic helps her see the subject in a whole different light.

My entry in Oroboro's 2nd Sunset Shipping Contest, it didn't reach the top 10. The rough draft placed 13th in the 91st round of the contests at Writeoff.me, and thanks to the folks over there and to the inimitable Pascoite for comments and suggestions, both the ones I used and the ones I couldn't figure out how to make work.

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Claws that pierce the heavens versus the unstoppable Stand of Dio Braeburn.

Oh, and there's shipping too, I guess.

In all seriousness, fantastic work in the characterization, romance, and action. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the contest.


Is it odd that I found the wizard mole the most interesting bit about this story? Because it was pretty cool.

I don't think I've seen Sunset and Braeburn together before!

Also, AJ is extremely dense when she wants to be, and mole mages from different worlds can cause surprising amounts of trouble. All in all, this story was a lot of fun!

Not odd at all. He's a mole wizard! Who can dig through space!


Thanks, folks!

As soon as I realized that the term for a Sunset/Braeburn romance would be "SunBurn," I pretty much had to write one. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who appreciates magical moles. :scootangel:


Interesting fic. It might be brushing up against the edges of the contest rules: those initial flashbacks came a bit close to telling the story of how Sunset and Brae got together, but they were brief enough it's probably fine. More to the point, it felt like this was a romance story, and one where Sunset and Braeburn were together, but it wasn't a romance story about Sunset and Braeburn being together. So it's not so much a Sunset shipping fic as... an AJ-Fluttershy shipping fic where Sunset happens to be together with someone.

That said, I really loved the insight into Sunset's mind at the end. Although it's not explicitly stated in canon, it's definitely perfectly consistent that Sunset would indeed feel that temptation every time she uses her geode. So you could say that Sunset gets the most character development, or her character gets to stand out the most? In a way that made me go "Yes! I'd never considered it before, but yes, that's spot on!" Which is certainly enough to get a thumbs up from me!



Yeah, pushing boundaries everywhere I go: that's me... :twilightsheepish:


Sunset's description of what they could use their geodes is something I hadn't seen before. Given me something you think about

Author Interviewer

Something something, useless lesbians. :V

That was some solid geode analysis in there!


Thanks, folks!

I'd never had any desire to write an Equestria Girls story till this contest came along, and I found myself thinking a lot about their geodes. And moles, of course. Can't have too many giant sapient moles. :scootangel:


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