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This story is a sequel to Fluttershy’s Secret Party Trip

Things are calm in Equestria after Twilight's ascencion to the crown, but for Cheerilee things are on a bit of a down swing. She's going on a forced Vacation by the Ponyville School board and has no one to spend it with. Then a dinner with Twilight gives her the opportunity to join the new princess on a small vacation to the west coast for three days. There's just one catch, Twilight's still a nudist from her party trip a year prior and she's going to a nudist resort. Will Cheerilee be able to adjust and handle this weird place, and will she find love in a very bare place?

Meanwhile, the Apple Family is going off to trade their stock with other cities leaving Applebloom once again in charge of the farm for the same three days. Knowing that Applejack would never let her have the farm alone entirely, Applebloom enlists the help of the CMC. But an accident on the farm leaves the poor farmer in a perdicament. A predicament, that leads to a bet, a bet that leads to an adventure of its own.


based off the story concepts by these two bronies: Enclave2277 and Cloud Dreamer
and edited by this Brony: CV12Hornet, not to be confused with this

This is not a story about sex, just nudism. If you come here expecting sex, you've come to the wrong story.

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Okay... so it's both stories... I can live with that. By the way, it's predicament, not Perdiciment.

You know i think they better add spell check to this site.

5795600 The site doesn't have spellcheck, it's your browser, actually. And don't just go blindly using spellcheck, as it tends to have halarious results... wait, nevermind :P

Anyways, I'm gonna actually read the story now.

~ Neon Lights.

5795694 I take it you lifked the story wakka wakka?

5795698 Kermit the frog here, and I believe Fozzy has no right to be on this site. Oh dear, I may have rhymed...

~ Kermit the mother-f**king Frog

You pulled off the duel story idea better than I imagined. Good work, I look forward to more.

Off to a good start so far. I like it, but there were a few things I saw that could use a little fixing.

“Oh how is Vinyl, I hear she and Octavia Melody is an item now.”

I would change this to are an item now. I would explain why, but I was never good with grammar so I will just say it sounds better in my head.

“Okay, I’m sorry for ruining your vacation plans Twilight.”

I don't get it. How did she ruin Twilight's plains?

Other then that, I don't see anything else wrong. If there is, I'm sure someone else will point them out.

Okay, you need a lot of edit work. I'll see about doing an edit job on this chapter.

Good start.

The story is off to a good start so far. It sounds like each of the stories is going to have a slightly different approach to how people discover nudism. I'll be waiting to see how it turns out, for sure!

Almost all the writers I know use Google Docs (myself included). You can write it there, link the story to your editors (which allow the use of comments/suggestions for edits), and then copy it over to FiMFiction when it's ready to be published.

5798282 i use Word. my problem isn't the story itself that doesn't have autocorrect, because sometimes Word screws up, its the comment section/discription section that doesn't have autocorrect

5799259 Well, there IS a difference between technicolor-horses and humans, for all we know, twilight might not have said that line in this universe.

5799259 and if memory serves me right, it was Applejack who said that line in the series

These are anthro ponies in this story, not regular ponies who wouldn't wear clothes except for certain events in contrast to anthro ponies in this story who do which if they didn't, then this story wouldn't make much sense unless Equestria was a nudest nation which in this story in contrast to the cannon is not.

Carrot Top and Derpy Hooves were too busy talking to notice Applebloom, who was invisible behind the kart regardless

kart-cart. Pretty good otherwise.

Not bad and I hope Apple Bloom doesn't do anything bad.

As for Cheerilee, I do hope she finds some love.

Well. This seems promising enough. I'll track it for now. Hope you'll update soon.

How old are the CMC in this story?

Are you going to update this story soon?

It'll come soon, i just got done with a tough College Semester and i'll be back in the swing soon

You did good with this chapter.

Finally it was the cue de grass: Rock Band.

It's coup de grace (pronounced ku de gra)

Sorry to hear about your school frustrations, but I am glad to see you're back :twilightsmile:

Much joy upon seeing this resume updates. That sucks about your computer but I'm glad to see you've got something functional again. Don't worry about delays due to catching up, I'm sure everyone understands, take your time. And welcome back :)

a bad creative writing class (shitty teacher don't get me started)

My senior seminar English professor is the sole reason I don't have a degree in English. I dropped the major after her class.

Is this still updating? I hope it isn't forgotten :applecry:

6483666 I've run into a road block with Cheerilee's side of the story and get trip to the theme park.

6485347 Need anyone to bounce ideas off of?

Perhaps writing the CMC's half will give insight to the other half.

Octavia smiled, “Oh no don’t worry about that, and I made these gluten free.”

As a maker of gluten free pancakes, I can confirm that you can't really tell the difference taste wise from normal ones, so, nopony here loses out on anything!

And thus the indoctrination continues...

Hello, has this story been dropped or is it taking long to write?

This has been a good read but if you're having trouble finishing it, it might be better to separate them again & complete independently unless you had planned to merge them at some point?:rainbowderp:

Would like some fan art, for the cover page and all. I can't really afford to pay anyone on Deviant art, but i know that there are many very kind, very noble people here on fimfiction with a few connections :moustache::trollestia::pinkiecrazy:

Thank you for writing again your story here is one of my inspirations to try nudism

7178048 i hope your attempt goes well!

So when will the next chapter arrive

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