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Welcome to Equestria, land of love, tolerance, friendship, and. . . mind control? You'd never know by looking at them, but these ponies have all kinds of ways, both magical and mundane, to royally mess with your brain.
Why would they want to, you may ask? Well, that depends on the pony. Some just want hugs. Others want to know things that maybe you don't want them to. Some even want things that could only be called evil. The question is, can you refuse?

So, generally speaking this shouldn't be taken too seriously. I began this as a fun way to blow off creative steam, and don't really know where I'm going from here. Updates will probably be sporadic as I don't generally know when I'm going to have time to write. That said, if you have something you'd like to see, feel free to put it in the comments, and if nothing else I promise I'll give it a look-see.
Since everything's still pretty up in the air, I'm willing to consider making this a collab. Let me know with any interest/ideas to that end.

Each of these stories will be it's own self-contained tale, and unless otherwise stated will have nothing to do with the others. There will NOT be any clop in this story. (Though I'm tentatively thinking about writing a companion story for that. . .)

Finally, WARNING: Will contain Mind Control (mostly hypnosis), humans, and self-insert. If you take issue with any of those things, no one's making you read it. This is very much a niche story, so if it's not your niche feel free to move on, but PLEASE don't hit the thumbs down for that reason. If you have a problem with it, help me become a better writer by letting me know what it is.

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Comment posted by Revenant Wings deleted Apr 25th, 2014

Holy crap, a legitimate induction. :pinkiegasp: I am thoroughly impressed; it's quite well-written and heck, it even relaxed me for a little bit reading it.

On another note, the story itself is well-written. The little bit with Lyra is a bit cliche, but you still managed to pull it off well. And the part with the Cutie Mark Crusaders was hilarious; I was chuckling often during that part. And again, the actual induction was really nice and even kind of cute. Also, I must say how I liked how it wasn't clop, but just really nice and sweet; Cheerilee is polite and rather kind in the induction, being demanding without too much force. No problems with grammar that I can see, so for me it's a well-written piece.

If this continues, I shall be interested in seeing what more you have. :pinkiehappy:

Loved this! Great work, we are sorely lacking good hypnosis fics, and this is the right step to fixing that!

If I may make a subtle suggestion, hypnotic snake ponies, that is all.

P.S I would love you forever.

May you suffer a thousand deaths, you traitorous wench!

best ... story .... on this site:pinkiehappy:

Not clop? I think I'll follow this a bit...

I feel like I got cheated out of genuine character development.

That said, I believe that hypnosis only has the power the victim(?) gives to you.

If they don't believe on wit, then it doesn't work.

It only really works because they believe it works.

It may be benevolent(?), but it's still a tad evil to force character change on someome.

Damn. I don't know where this is going, except potentially someplace very dark, but I'm in. Faved and upvoted.


>legit induction
>it's funny because it's true

Really, REALLY not a fan of HiE. But this has one of the better inductions out there. Even a vague attempt at realism is better than the norm.

Finally another one of these that isn't bloody clop

great work :) cant wait to see where this goes!

Wow... This is Very good. everything seems put in right... it's even scary how well this is...

It's good.


I am concerned with how dark this could get. Honestly people abusing hypnosis/mind control is a major phobia of mine.

Like cheerilee says, she could make you do anything and make you like it. Which is a terrifying thought.

4292848 Right? The codetta at the end of chapter 2 is honest to god nightmare fuel.

THis was a pretty humorous read. I'm curious about where it'll lead to exactly. I do wish the second chapter showed more results of this hypnotism outside of the school scene drop instead of just talking about in passing. I'll be keeping an eye on this one

Which is actually impossible since hypnosis doesn't work like that. It only allows you to make someone act as if they were behind closed doors. You can't actually force someone to do something they would never ever ever ever ever ever ever do in a million years even if you hypnotized them.

4292848 Isn't it? One has to question whether Cheerilee's motives are entirely innocent or not here.

4319405 To be honest, her motives aren't what meets the eye. She's evil...and I know it.

Finally got around to reading this, and I was NOT disappointed :pinkiehappy: I really want to see more of this and with some other ponies too

Was a bit of a downer Cheerilee was. But was a good chapter.

I say do the vampire or the Octavia/Vinyl idea

Was a bit of a downer Cheerilee was. But was a good chapter.

I say do the vampire or the Octavia/Vinyl idea

Was a bit of a downer Cheerilee was. But was a good chapter.

I say do the vampire or the Octavia/Vinyl idea

I'd go with Cheerilee being in the wrong but not evil, maybe she could admit what she's done at the end of the date?

Seems like she laid it on a bit strong as he appears to be hitting on every mare he sees now, that could be... problematic going forwards.

Of the options I think I'd go for the music Vinyl / Octavia one as per the triple post above.

I think Cheerilee had good, maybe selfish intentions... maybe if he some how found out he would realize he actually enjoyed going out with her? :rainbowhuh:

I've seen the other three way to much, but idea 2 sounds like it could be fun. Although... I'm tempted with 1 so long as it's not sexual.

4586953 As promised in the description, there will be no clop in this compilation. If I ever get around to it, I might make a clop companion to this collection, but there will be none here.
Since I do have idea #1 more fleshed out than the others, I will say that there may be some implied sex, perhaps an off-hand reference or two, but nothing explicit. Mostly it would be a story about twisted, Cold War myth style mind control with some very dark outcomes and a pretty unhappy ending.

This was a very conflicting read :twilightoops: not sure how I feel about Cheerilee doing this but it could all be for the best :unsuresweetie:
Idea #1 sounds good, will it be in the same timeline as these chapters or separately made?

4588918 If I'm being honest, it was pretty conflicting to write, which is one reason why it took me so long.
As to your question, each of these is it's own, self-contained story, unless otherwise stated.

Sorry for not editing... I had to have surgery and when I got back I went to edit, but the doc you sent me was 'View Only'. ;_;

So, do y'all have any preferences from the options I listed, or else other ideas, for what should come next?


4) A tag team musical induction involving both Vinyl and Octavia

Oh god please yes.... Hypnotist Octavia...:rainbowkiss:

While I'm pissed at Cheerilee for doing what she did (abusing that kind of power over another is just plain wrong), I totally understand her reasoning. I think that in the end her guilt will make her come clean. Here's hoping she gets her happy ending anyway.

And if it's still relevant, I'd like to vote for the Octavia/Vinyl Scratch thing.

4595315 while it saddens me you're putting this on hold, I would like the rarity and sweetie belle story

I feel that Cheerilee's action was neither good nor bad. She didn't really force him to love her, Cheers just changed his personality to be a bit more open to mare relationships. Like she said, Cheerilee's not making him choose, she is just giving herself a chance. That being said, I wonder how mentally stable she will be with all the guilt lingering in her mind.

Also, Vampires are freaking awesome.

oooooo ms cherilee you are good! :rainbowdetermined2:

Suddenly mega chapter.

Dude, i thought you were dead. Good to know that you are back.

I've gotta say that i liked this capter more, is a shame you don't go full shipping in your stories. You teaser.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

FINALLY! IT HAPPENED! WOOHOO! And it's still as good as I remembered it.

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