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Its a nice Saturday in Ponyville, Twilight is going to Fluttershy's for Tea. But when she gets to Fluttershy's cottage, she finds Fluttershy packing for a short trip to Stableville. Upon inquriory, Twilight finds out an interesting side of Fluttershy.

A very Secret side of Fluttershy.

Simply put, Flutttershy's a Nudist! and Tonight she's going to a Nudist pool Party


This is not a story about sex, just nudism. If you come here expecting sex, you've come to the wrong story.

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I am speechless... that was AWESOME! :pinkiehappy:

A little on the boring side, and a few grammar issues, but still enjoyable.

*sniff sniff* I smell a possible sequel.
While I'm not a nudist, the life style is really interesting to me. I really hope to see a sequel someday, if not then I am perfectly fine with just this.

Meh. It was an okay story, no real conflict made it boring.

“I would actually enjoy some exorcise.” Octavia smiled.

Whoa, Tavi. Banishing demons in the buff might be going a bit quick. :derpytongue2:

Heh, I liked it. It does need a follow up. :twilightsmile:

I'm surprised and delighted on how you managed to keep it from becoming a Fluttershy/Twilight Sparkle clopfic.. Not that would a bad thing but it's never easy to have mention of nudity without it going clopfic because it's so tempting to have clop in such stories.. Well done!:twilightblush::yay:

5531959 it honestly isn't that hard because you have to remember Nudism isn't sex. its alot easier than you think to keep the two groups seperate

5532558 That's true enough but I for one don't see very many writers resisting the urge to have suggestive to actual sexual parts in any story that has nudity in it and that is what makes it impressive to me.. In other words one can be tempted to have both..

5535620 Yes but Nudism is not sex. If you want to have Sex in a nudist story go right ahead, but at least put up the signifier that Nudism is not Sex. Nudism is just enjoying moments of your life in the buff, or enjoying your overall life in the buff

5536087 Ok I admit is possible to separate the two as you have done that one but I don't think I'll be trying in real life anytime soon because there are people who look better with clothes on and I'm one of them...:rainbowwild: That and well let's say that I've seen nude people I wish I could un-see....:pinkiesick:

5530945 Two things: thanks for the catch, i thought i got that one right. Second, i am thinking of doing a story based on Vinyl and Octavia.

A very good read for getting the 'facts' of nudism, but as others have mentioned, having little-to-no conflict made the story somewhat boring. I do consider it a nice springboard for a sequel, though!

I like it. Also, skinny dipping is quite a relaxing experience.

Kids are a lot more understanding about stuff like this than we give them credit for. Plus, you never know. Spike might be open to joining her, if he hasn't already started in private.

5611570 Read the Sequel and you'll find out

5567065 it will have two, and possibly a prequel if i can work it right or have someone else pick it up

Hey, you think it might be possible for the Soft Sun club to be mentioned in my nudist fic?

I really appreciate this story. I'm glad that this story went into anthro nudity without being associated with anything sexual; as understandably easy it may be to associate the two together.

Though the theme of this fic was about nudism, it wasn't explicit; to me that's a nice change of pace.

For that, I give you this Chris Hemsworth // Thor pic:

6010428 now try the sequel! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Sweetie_Bot_ deleted Jun 16th, 2015

I like the writing and the story behind this fanfic! Saying I really enjoyed reading this is an understatement! :pinkiehappy:

And between you and me (and everypony else who reads this comment :derpytongue2:) : After reading this, I got curious about this "nudist" thing and gave it a go myself... I found out I really like this lifestyle! So who would've thought that reading this would make me try the lifestyle this story is based around? :rainbowlaugh:


Well it's because of eLLen that I found this story. And I've gotta say I really enjoyed it. Casual nudity is so hard to properly do in story form, but it's well worth it when it's done right.

A few grammar issues, but this was a fun little fic otherwise.

Now that was an interesting story Blaze.

8058382 thank you, check out my others and the ones in the group Nudists and Nudity for more

8058502 I'll consider it. Keep it up.

There might be a version of this with sex.

No no there isn't nor should there be

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