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"Did you try setting it to Wumbo?"


Ever eager to earn their cutie marks, the CMC explore the nuances of potion making once again. Unfortunately, they fail to heed the advice of their mentor and end up creating a potion that produces some very interesting results.


You have been warned....

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This is not a terrible story. The idea is so crazy that it works. I beg you to write a sequel. I cannot wait to see how Maud goes about wooing McIntosh.

*slow clap* Finally get to see it and luld pretty good :rainbowlaugh:

That was a good story :3

Best clopfic ever.

~sees cover pic~

[8:28:49 PM] link4: how would it even work?? tom is too big for boulder... I mean, good for them- coming out and all but...
[8:28:56 PM] link4: too*
[8:29:31 PM] tiff.(♥‿♥): i don't know what your talking about lol I'm just sitting here looking at the screen and I'm like what? lol
[8:30:02 PM] link4: lol rarity and maud pie and doing the same thing the cmc did during 'hearts and hooves day' setting up bif mac and miss cheerilee
[8:30:17 PM] link4: big*
[8:30:33 PM] tiff(♥‿♥): lol i don't know you
[8:30:40 PM] link4: lol
[8:30:57 PM] link4: what? can I not be concerned by the size difference between those 2?

now that i've gone and read it, i see you made tom female. lol

*laughs awkwardly*
Chaotically funny! I like it!

This is very, very silly. I love it.

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