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All Hail whoever happens to come out on top in this war!

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Equestria is not a world, it is a country.
(That is the closest I could find to what I was looking for)

411846 No, it is just a simple game of chess between two alicorn sisters and whoever wins owns... I don't know... Maybe the- THE WORLD OF EQUESTRIA! But you are right on your part, that girl is would turn the tide of any war.

The only thing I have seen from that link, is a virus warning.

Is Shiro from No Game No Life on either side? Because that side wins by default.

384649 WE all praise Celestia!!!

Here is my OC hope you like him.

Name: Phantom Blade


Race: Unicorn

Gender: Male

Appearance: Has a black coat with a short white mane. Has purple eyes with a scar across his face and has fangs and a crooked horn (like King Sombra except with purple on the top instead of red.).

Cutie mark: Twin swords with purple fire surrounding them.

Side: New Lunar Republic

Back story: Phantom was an orphan and had a hard life. He hardly had any friends and nor does he want any. He was a loner, but he didn't mind company once in a while. Those who considered him a friend he considered them as an acquaintance. When he reached the age of 15 he was recruited into a secret organization which shall not be named, and was taught dark magic and became one of the most powerful and feared ponies in that organization. But he never used it for evil . He then slaughtered most of the ponies there because of betraying his trust and using him for evil purposes. Those who he allowed to live either left or followed him as an act of loyalty. He soon named himself commander of his group and his numbers grew to a few hundred ponies. A few years after he took control he met princess Luna in a dream and thanks to her he saw the true beauty of the night and continued to enjoy it. He also met a pony named Fluttershy and has never forgotten her face.
Experience in war: Phantom has had experience in war as he over thrown and took over the secret organization. Once he heard about the fight with Celestia and Luna, he and his followers joined the New lunar republic immediately. He is one of the most feared warriors on the battlefield.
Armor: he wears black armor with dark blue secondary colors.

Personality: Phantom is an honorable warrior who loves combat. Shows his enemies no mercy. He keep calm and takes his job seriously and can become aggressive when someone insults him or his fellow comrades. He can be NICE from time to time but only to those he can trust.

Weapons: creating duel swords with magic or any weapon, dark magic, hoof to hoof combat, and fire.

Job: Anything to serve Luna's cause or for the glory of battle.

And that's my OC tell me what u think:pinkiehappy:

i can go with Lulu too....

Glory to celestia may her rein never end.

I reckon dese ponys are just puny soft gits who need a good stompin'!

The Lunar Republic



The Solar Empire

Your move Solar Empire.

I am so with Luna!:pinkiecrazy: Everyone who does not agree shall suffocate in space!:pinkiecrazy::flutterrage::twilightangry2:Just kidding.:trollestia: I still support Luna.:pinkiecrazy:

If my Rommel gets into this luna is absolutely screwed!

The Solar Empire shall fall to the might that is the Lunar Republic! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:


-Her faithful student Midnight Luna

341184 By the way, YOU are the one using propaganda. I counted at least three techniques: Flag-waving, name-calling, and oversimplifying.

340959 Actually, Dreadlord thinks that the sun is a tyrant in itself, having killed his sister via flames. (By the killing, I meant that the sun did it.)
Meanwhile, what did Celestia do? Nothing!
-EnderCrafter23, translating for Dreadlord

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