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The first fanfic squad (I know of) to be in The NLRAF. For what I know, the only squadron. Open to all, closed to The Solar Empire.

Luna Nobis Custodit!

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Sorry to have been inactive. I have a buttload on my hypothetical plate. I have been so busy as of late... I am working hard to get as much written as possible as I can, so that I can work on, and finish NLRAF: Hell's. Dozen.:twilightblush:


F-35B lightning II amazing plane and it gies you a 3D view of the plane and the area around it.....excuse me as i fall to the ground in ecstasy

All i ask is that my fighter has a bass cannon and the engines leave behind a EQ bar like trail


Ah. I hadn't claimed the Air Force, just a subsection and squadron, Hell's Dozen (Tail no. of first squadmate in Hell's Dozen -- Me -- was 0066613 or, 00-666-13. A combination of two unlucky numbers, giving me the thought of the name.)

As you can see, this is a newly formed subsection, and I am trying to gain a following for my squadron.

Side note: can you inform me of the other squadron camos? In my canon for Hell's Dozen, Luna's HElls Dozen plane is merged with all of the NLRAF camos, and I wanted to sketch that.

Hay @Janson Darkmane.

This is Sky Marshall Whirlwind, the commander and founder of the NLRAF.

I'm glad to see someone has the infinitive to create a fanfic page of our group. I see you have no stories, and I can think of nothing better than the series of fic's that started it all.


It's been weeks since I wrote from my laptop. This dam-ned iPad is addicting.


My computer is broken.......again. I have to put new chapters and release new stories. And every time I tried to put it down in my smartphone......it doesn't feel right.


And why would that be, Meow?



I'm alredy sad......

I feel so lonely, with nopony talking. It will pass in five days though. Nopony can be sad with new episodes of ponies. :raritystarry:

Small error with the camo banner...

picture Dazzle camo, with dark blue and dark purple taking black and white's places, with gray, black, purple and blue speckles distorting the shapes.

I will fix the stupid thing though. :facehoof:


im good with that lets get this baby sprayed tagged and up in the sky!

Can do. It only requires the NLRAF emblem and Hell's Dozen camouflage. I will update the banner to the camo at some point.

All i ask is that i fly the F-35 B II lightning VTOL stock nothing changed...that is all

This group seems a bit small, in light of recent... events?

*begins to wander off and talk to self*
Can thoughts be events?
*voice fading*
I suppose they could...
But, then aga...

Specifications of my ME-262a
Engines: GE J85
Armament: quad GIAT 30 30mm autocannons (The original had MK 108 30mm autocannons), 8 IRIS-T AAMs, and AN/APG-66 radar.
Possibility of 6 400lb HE bombs, BK 37 undermountings, 4 1000lb HE/AP torpedoes or BK 5 undermountings

Germany knew its aviation... :raritystarry:

Grumman F-14 Tomcat (custom weapons; small vulcan with long muzzle and exsplosive rounds)

What does everypony fly? Need to know
Personally, I fly a ME-262a Schwalbe II (MOD7, my custom variant)

Comment posted by SIR OM NOM NOM deleted Oct 23rd, 2013

I see how this poll is going, so I'm stopping the voting period.

Futuristic is our time period, but to satisfy those who wanted Guns and Ponypower, it is a near future. Sound agreeable to everypony? :pinkiehappy:

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