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The Dark Wolf

This is the name I use to express my fetishes.


Rarity gets Rainbow Dash to wear a black dress, even though it's not her style. Of course, it does nothing to alter her personality, and without hesitation she competes with Applejack in a swimming race, unafraid of getting her dress wet.

Inspired by a series of pics by different artists on derpibooru of Rainbow wearing a black dress and getting it wet, either in the swimming pool or singing in the rain. I like it so much I did my own story around it.

I think it's a nice change of pace from what I usually write to do another one of these.

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While camping, the Equestria Girls wander into another world that has been taken over by the Dazzlings, and set out on a quest to defeat them. Along the way they all get messy through various means, but since when has that been enough to stop them?

This is an E-rated version of an M-rated story I wrote, and unlike that one (in which it was just Sunset), it uses all the Equestria Girls. The wet and messy might seem a bit weird to some but it'll all be played in a clean way. Figuratively.

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Fluttershy is gassier than she seems, but enjoys it as long as no one is around. When she accidentally farts during the school play, Rarity rushes to comfort her, revealing that she, too, farts more often than most. They spend the night together, deciding they no longer need to hold it in in front of each other.

Contains: Farts, with some olfactophilia and buttplay.

My original draft had wetting in it, but due to people finding them funny as well, my fart stories are more popular here than my wetting stories, and they just don't go well together for most (I put a wetting-only version on an omorashi site). Also, as usual, quality might be lower, and scenarios stretchy, and don't take too seriously.

I put an Alt. Universe tag on it to show I don't think they fart any more than the average human in canon.

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When Fluttershy falls in the mud, Rarity gives her a bath, with Fluttershy too shy to take her outfit off. She finds the bath enjoyable, and eventually the other Equestria Girls get similar baths from each other as well.

Contains: Soap/washing (fully clothed, no nudity or anything), and mud, but it's all tame enough that I gave it an E-rating, like my other wam stories. So, I would like to ask you to keep all comments to this story as clean as the girls are once the baths are finished.

Might still be lower quality, and a lot of you might find the whole concept either weird or boring.

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After the sirens lost their powers, they discover magic stones containing a new type of magic: The power to make someone fart. So naturally their first course of action is to use it to try to take revenge on Sunset Shimmer. Can Sunset's dignity and friendships survive the sirens' stinky revenge plan?

Contains: Farting, with a brief, light scene each of spanking and omorashi and a bit of soap/washing and facesitting. And stretchy scenarios and lower quality. I'd recommend this only to people who either have a fetish for this or find it funny, and don't expect it to be written like a fancy novel.

I have been experiencing writer's block, and in the event I do write something I usually don't feel like posting it anymore. I wrote this some time ago but I only decided to submit it now, usually due to shyness or lower quality than usual. But I was inspired to post this after a talk with the friend I mistakenly thought I lost recently.

It was originally inspired by a dream I had about Sunset farting, and it being caused by some monster with a fart fetish. I remember being shocked we actually hear her fart in the show, and when I woke up, I was all "Of course, I knew they wouldn't have any of them fart onscreen," but it got me thinking about it for days until I wrote this.

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Ever since becoming a princess, Twilight Sparkle is twice as gassy as she was before. Concerned that she's not worthy of being a princess, she tells Princess Celestia, who reveals the cause of her gassiness and tells her how to deal with it.

Contains: Farts (obviously).

As with my previous story, I don't think this concept is actually canon, but I do think it's fun to fantasize about all the same. At least for people who either find it funny or have the fetish. Not meant to be taken seriously, to the point that, like the Smelly Rainbow Dash story, I gave it an Alt. Universe tag.

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Rarity sets Rainbow Dash on a date with the boy she likes. Because Rainbow thinks he's only into girly girls, Rarity gives her a makeover. Or tries to, but she discovers Rainbow doesn't wash often, so first she has to give her a bath!

Contains: Olfactophilia, soap/washing, butt scrubbing, farts, and light, non-descriptive watersports. None of these are present in the makeover chapter, nor is nudity in any of them. I'd advise against reading this story if the last two fetishes are a turn-off for you, but I don't think it's enough for a Porn tag. It's actually more meant to illustrate how "dirty" Rainbow Dash is in this story.

This story started out as an RP I did (on a different site, of course) with OtakuBrony47. So, credit to him as co-author with me. I was Rainbow and he was Rarity. This particular one was so fun and had enough of a story to it that I wanted to adapt it into a fanfic, and he said he'd like to see it. I did make a few changes but he's fine with that. I hope he enjoys this story!

I know the scenario's pretty stretchy, she's almost certainly not really like this in canon, nor do I even headcanon that she is. To the point that I gave it an Alt. Universe tag. So, don't take too seriously.

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The Main 6 run a race on a muddy racetrack and get dirty, most of them falling into the mud. They wash off before going to a party thrown by Pinkie Pie, which turns into a food fight.

Contains: Dirty/messy, and soap/washing. A bit of light buttplay, but probably nothing worse than seen in the show, and could easily be seen as funny first. Pretty much all of it is played in an E-rated way.

This story is for any "messy" scenarios I can think of for the ponies. It may not have a whole lot of real story to it, just playing one of my tamer yet weirder interests.

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When the girls are at the park, Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie get dirty, so Fluttershy takes them to her house and gives them a bubble bath, washing them all over with soap.

Contains: Soap/washing (as that seems to be a thing and goes a little more into fetish territory for me than other wam), also mud, pie sitting, butt-scrubbing, and foot scrubbing (though the last one isn't a fetish or interest for me I know some people would appreciate it).

Chapter 2 contains olfactophilia.

Chapter 3 contains light omorashi and farts.

Chapters 4 and 5 contains more olfactophilia and light farts.

Does not contain nudity.

I didn't feel the need for the Porn tag because only the butt-scrubbing parts (which only take up about a quarter of the story) are really suggestive, along with the aforementioned parts of Chapter 3, the rest should be pretty innocuous to anyone without the fetishes, but I'll add it if anyone thinks I should.

Whether or not my quality has improved, it won't have a whole lot of story to it. Don't take it too seriously, and only read if you really like any of the content mentioned above.

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Aria Blaze tries to prank Rarity with glue on her seat, but uses a slow-acting glue by mistake, and as a result, Rarity and Aria's butts accidentally get stuck together. After Aria pranks Rarity with fart powder. They have to work together to get through it, and develop a friendship.

Then the other Equestria Girls and sirens get their butts stuck together one way or another.

Contains: Buttplay, also farts. Not recommended for anyone not into either. Recommended for people who either find them funny or have the fetish.

Chapter 2 contains light omorashi, but non-descriptive. Besides, Pinkie and Sonata are most likely to get into a situation like that.

This story was requested.

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