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Rarity gets Rainbow Dash to wear a black dress, even though it's not her style. Of course, it does nothing to alter her personality, and without hesitation she competes with Applejack in a swimming race, unafraid of getting her dress wet.

Inspired by a series of pics by different artists on derpibooru of Rainbow wearing a black dress and getting it wet, either in the swimming pool or singing in the rain. I like it so much I did my own story around it.

I think it's a nice change of pace from what I usually write to do another one of these.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 16 )

That's seriously hot! It would be so much more hot if you included more vivid descriptions of the dress. Describe the softness of the flowy chiffon layer. Talk about the brightness of the sparkling beads. Mention how the fabric clings to Rainbow's body as the water drips down, reflecting light to give the dress a shimmering effect.

Hope to see more misadventures with the dress!

Added a sentence after she climbs out. I don't know if I'm too good at describing the other parts. But if I can think of more scenarios I'll publish another chapter.

Great to see a Chapter 2 already! I love it! The dialogue may seem a bit stilted but the descriptions of the different ways the dress gets wet is phenomenal!

Some good writing, but it would have been nice to have it at an actual concert rather than just a casual get-together.

Oh. Sorry about that disappointment. Next time I'll ask for your input and how I could improve from my original plans.

Oh it’s all right. Perhaps I can share some art I’ve commissioned of that dress that’s not on Derpibooru.

That'd be cool. And I might add a bit to this chapter to include a concert.

This story sounds like it needs an anthology tag. Why isn't there one?

Cause I didn't know what "anthology" meant until now.

Surprised Pinkie didn't use any of exploding sprinkles trick, but I guess she didn't want to hurt Rainbow. Good work.

I forgot about that, but thanks, glad you liked it.

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