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The Dark Wolf

This is the name I use to express my fetishes.


Some of the ponies have to pee very badly, and due to either inability or unwillingness to use the bathroom for various reasons, have to hold it the entire day through. Will they make it?

Contains: Omorashi/desperation. Also will follow a different style than my usual stories, but I had to answer this request because I don't think anyone else would. This next part may be a spoiler to the ending due to the desperation suspense, but it also contains no wetting whatsoever.

These are the desperation stories requested by Redfish3000. Due to similarity to each other the individual stories have been revoked and re-posted as chapters of the same story. For certain reasons, these stories are very different from my other desperation stories, and may only warrant a T-rating (besides, Pinkie was shown in desperate need of a bathroom in the show).

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 16 )

Another well done story :)

8098854 Thanks for the positive comment. (You too Zachary)

I might even be tempted to write another one...

I loved it. It was great! Excellent story.

8101504 Looks like I was successful then. (And since you liked the other one so much, I guess I was an overachiever)

If anyone would like me to do a similar chapter of The Desperation Series where she wets herself, let me know. Otherwise, I will keep the one I wrote to my personal records.

nice work and yes do the where she wets herself:twilightsmile:

I really liked this chapter! Great job, and thanks for answering the request!

Another great story! Thanks for answering my request, I really enjoyed it!

I can always count on you for positive comments

I loved both stories! Great work!

the only stories i hate and try to avoid are yoai stories but any other like yuri and futa and fetish i like

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