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We were somewhere around Ponyville, on the edge of the Everfree, when the Poison Joke began to take hold.

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For the first time in a dozen years, the rare and beautiful Northern Iridescent Flutterspiders are making their great migration south, and there is no way Fluttershy is going to miss it. Setting up camp in a secluded mountain valley, she prepares for three days of watching and sketching and communing with nature.

But Fluttershy quickly discovers that she's not alone, as a dark and imposing figure steps out of distant legend and into her campsite. There to view the migration as well, the ancient alicorn also finds something unexpected, a beauty and kindness that touch his soul and awaken desires that had slept deep within for millennia. Can he express his feelings to the lovely young pegasus without frightening her away?

Written for F*** THIS PROMPT #15

Thanks to deadrose for the cover image.

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All attempts at a diplomatic resolution come to naught, Princess Celestia, commander of the army of the Solar Empire, faces Princess Luna, leader of the New Lunar Republic forces, across the field of their final battle. Here and now, a victor will be determined, and their dispute resolved, by the diplomacy of blood and steel.

What could a defeat mean for the sun princess, and where will she go from here?

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Ditzy Doo, known to some as "Derpy", is not a "smart" pony. In fact, she's developmentally disabled, and every day is a struggle to just get by. But despite all that, she loves life and especially loves stories — loves reading them and loves making them up. More than anything else, she wants to learn to write, and share her stories with the world. When Princess Twilight discovers an intelligence-enhancement spell that could enable her to learn faster and more effectively, a spell that could make her "smart", Ditzy is overjoyed to be the first pony to have her intelligence enhanced. But not everything turns out as planned, and unforeseen consequences of the complicated magic prove to be a greater blessing, and a greater curse, than anypony could have expected.

An homage to Daniel Keyes' short story "Flowers For Algernon", told in epistolary style.

Many thanks to A British Gentleman and King Moriarty for their helpful editing recommendations.

Thanks to deadrose for the cover image.

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A random collection of various unrelated spoofs, vignettes, character studies, gags, fragments, and other bits that do not fit anywhere else. Updated infrequently and inconsistently.

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