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Looking to read some good stories.

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Thanks for the fave.

Can't wait to read more!

Thanks for the fave on Crisp Summer Love.:pinkiehappy:

I know I'm late, but one of my friends is RN. So happy Trafalgar Day!

I'm just moving this here so as to not derail the thread. Brace for wall of text.

Grumpy though we are, there won't be any real motivation to change the system in any significant capacity until Article 50 is triggered, which will mark the beginning of the changes the UK has gotten itself into. Until changes start happening (and I mean real ones, not just the worth of the pound fluctuating a little based on public perception and a bunch of gents yammering about immigration) nobody will want to take the first step in doing something big. The fact A50 hasn't been triggered yet and likely won't be triggered until 2017 says a lot about the level of enthusiasm the lads up top have towards the whole affair. That's why we're in a sort of limbo, I think, where nobody wants to start making changes, but nobody can really gauge how things are going to evolve until they do.

I'm rather special in that I'm born Scottish, lived in Europe for ten years, and am currently in England, so it's hard for me not to feel all kinds of things. Frankly, the me that lived in France for ten years feels betrayed, for several, 'solidarity in the face of difficulty' reasons. Being ignored is another, both as a guy who identifies as Scottish and a student who relies on international (and for the most part, European) support. Then again, I frankly don't live in the kinds of conditions many in England have to deal with: I'm very well off and compared to a lot of my country, I have a very bright future ahead of me. One of the reasons I stood against the Leave vote was because unlike many elements of my country, I actually have something to lose. Thing is, now the Leave vote won out, I reckon it's likely that I might lose some of those privileges I used to have, such as working alongside many European companies and personnel, being able to easily travel from one country to another, and enjoy many of the benefits our University has vis a vis the rest of the EU. Already, researchers are being cut out of international projects, which frankly damages both our science, and the science of Europe. I reckon that out of anyone who stands to suffer the most, it'll be the research people, because many projects frankly need European support to survive.

No matter how the rest of the UK thinks, it's really hard for me to feel good about them deciding I shouldn't be allowed to have all that. It especially grates on my nerves that it may well have been taken away because of some people lying to the public for personal gain. Which they were. There have been a lot of lies all around, which proves the necessity for honesty in politics.

But like I said, we'll have to wait until concrete changes happen to see if any of this will make a tangible difference.

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