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This group is to hold together any and all stories set in the Rainbow is Magic verse, an alternate universe where the pegasus Rainbow Dash is the element of Magic, Twilight Sparkle is a farmer and element of Generosity, Fluttershy is the element of Laughter, Applejack is a fashion conscious mare and element of Loyalty, Rarity is obsessed with flying and is the element of Kindness, and Pinkamena Pie is a rock farmer and the element of Honesty, all living together in an world that while familiar has quite a few changes from the Equestria we all know.

EDIT: this is also in the forums, but i decided I should PROBABLY put the reading order out ehre on the front page:

Season 1:

Ep 1: Rainbow Dash, Element of Magic
Ep 2: Apple to the Core
Ep 3: Rainbow is Magic: Cutie mark Crusaders
Ep 4: Rainbow is Magic: A Hearth's Warming Play
Ep. 5: Grand Heist on the Friendship Express
Ep 6: Grand Heist vs The Mysterious Mare Do Well
Ep 7: Hang 'em High
Ep 8: Dodge Junction
Ep 9: The prankster's Gambit
Ep 10: Who is Grand Heist?
Nonspecific order: Spectrum of the Rainbow

Season 2: (ongoing)

Pre-Season canon side stories: Blooming Strong; Big Macintosh

Ep 1: Disharmony, Disruption, Discord
Ep 2: Rainbow is Magic: Nightmare Night
Ep 3: Treasures of the Deep Blue
Ep 4: Apple Family Feud (incomplete)
Ep 5: Hard Rock Pony (incomplete)
Ep 6: Love Hearts and Bug Eyes
Ep 7: Shadow over the Crystal Empire
Mid Season Special: Equestrian Dimensional Shuffle
Ep 6: El Dorado
Halloween Interlude: A Gathering of Ruin
Halloween Interlude: A Conversation With a Nightmare

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I posted a forum post that has everything in reading order : 3 it should be at the top of the forums

You've got enough stories that a chronology or recommended reading order would be VERY helpful

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