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This group is to hold together any and all stories set in the Rainbow is Magic verse, an alternate universe where the pegasus Rainbow Dash is the element of Magic, Twilight Sparkle is a farmer and element of Generosity, Fluttershy is the element of Laughter, Applejack is a fashion conscious mare and element of Loyalty, Rarity is obsessed with flying and is the element of Kindness, and Pinkamena Pie is a rock farmer and the element of Honesty, all living together in an world that while familiar has quite a few changes from the Equestria we all know.

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I posted a forum post that has everything in reading order : 3 it should be at the top of the forums

You've got enough stories that a chronology or recommended reading order would be VERY helpful

Happy Holidays to everyone is this group.

Congratulations! You made a new group. Its placement in New Groups was secured.

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