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Fluttershy and Applejack arrive in the nick of time to rescue their friend from a potentially terrible fate. The way it happens might be considered shocking – it certainly startles AJ – but as ever in Equestria there's a story behind it...

An entry for the Dialogue Only Contest.

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TCC56 #1 · June 13th · · ·

I think you're missing the Horror tag. That second-last line sort of requires it. I'm sure damn scared!

iisaw #2 · June 13th · · ·

Oh, that was fun! :twilightsmile:

yay, new Logan :pinkiehappy:

I love your bad-flank Shy saving Dashie's withers

“You… were aiming… to just… ahhh, Luna’s flank… give me a little scare… then?”

“Oh no. I was trying to kill you. I usually do better, I’m sorry.”

:rainbowlaugh: also this is why chap titles can be fun :P

Huh? "Oh… oh dear" is the second to last line, and the second to last speaker is AJ asking Fluttershy for crossbow lessons and neither of them is especially terrifying to me given what has already happened... I mean it was sorta a big change for Fluttershy but AJ following I her hoofsteps is actually LESS incrementally dark.

TCC56 #5 · June 13th · · ·

I'm pretty sure that's Rainbow Dash. And I don't think the world needs an armed Rainbow Dash.

Correct. On both counts...

Ah, so you weren't being entirely serious. I thought I was missing something about the story itself. She can already kick through multiple trees at once, create tornados, and move thunderclouds around and aim them, and has been admitted into an organization that goes up against dragons run amuck... a crossbow isn't that much of an increase in responsibility required.

Still I see your (joking) point...

I don't know which is more frightening: someone who takes pleasure in killing...or somepony like Fluttershy...

...who can kill you while looking you in the eyes and STILL be completely at peace and unbothered...

...yeah, scratch that...I'll take Door Number One

You could be on to something there...

I'm glad. Thank you for taking the time to read it! :twilightsmile:

I was really determined not to go a year between fics (my last was in July) and I'd originally been planning on entering the Thousand Words Contest III. I still do intend to do that, but this contest came along at the right time to push me into writing something for it. I won't lie, I found it very hard going at times, but I'm so glad I pushed through.

Well yeah, though FiM has never been all that consistent in that regard. I think I'd trust Dash with lightning more than with a crossbow, to be honest...

Indeed. I've always found utterly fascinating the notion that, of all the Mane Six, Fluttershy will have not only seen but caused the most deaths. For good and kind reasons, sure, but even so. Estee's Five Hundred Little Murders is maybe the masterpiece when it comes to stories about this, but I was interested even before I read that.

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