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This group is intended for the purpose of gathering stories depicting conections that go deeper than a standard friendship, yet are still completely platonic. It is time to free these stories from thier burial under Mt. Shipfics.

For a good example, see Rarity and Fluttershy in the episode "Green isn't Your Color."

Shipfics only allowed if the pair being shipped is not the same as the pair being "best friendshiped," for lack of a better term. Clop and Grimdark not allowed at all.

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I'm ready for the platonic Applejack and Pinkie Pie snuggles! Seriously, they are my babies, but all too often their relationship is taken into creepy romantic territory.

Added "Adventure" folder. Also added "CMC Member and Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon" sub-folder to "Enemies turned Best Friends."

"Loneliness and Friendship" moved out of Slice of Life folder and into Sad folder.

If anyone has some good suggestions for the Group Avatar or Banner, please leave a comment.

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