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I Am GunsRGreat, hello.

I'm just your mediocre story writer that yearns to become a professional story writer, hoping one day I will be able to create my own TV show with some interesting plots and characters.

I'm a fan of Rex and Weevil (mostly Rex) from that one nerd anime show, Yu-Gi-Oh! Reason why was because they always made me laugh when I was young. Too bad that original show is dead now :c. I keep wishing one day they'll make a comeback.

To uh 'recap' here are some facts about me:
- I like Equestria Girls
- My age will be kept unknown until further notice
- My real name is Skoo Ska
- I'm currently a high school drop out that is in a gang but is finding a way out of it so I can take a more interesting and proper career path. Hey, not all gangsters are people who don't give a fuck about the law and deal drugs.
- My favorite game when I was young was The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning
- My favorite TV show at this moment is Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (petition for a Season 3 here, please make the show live)
- I live in Russia- SIKE! I live in the United King- United Kingdom- States- Kingdom- Kingdom- MURFGHD

I hope you guys have a great day and remember, Guns Are Great (no)

Hunter Blood Character Profile

Full Name: Hunter Pallaton Blood

Nicknames: Blood, HB, Derek, The guy in the hoodie, Brat

Appears in: Jaws: Equestria Girls (cameo only), Shock and Awe (introduction), Equestria Guys

Occupation: High School student, car mechanic

Affiliations: Hunter’s Gang (leader), Rainbooms, Blood Donors Detective Agency (founder)

Nationality: German/American

Status: Alive

Birth: somewhere in 1999

Sex: Male

Marks: Several tattoos along his arms

Height: 5’8” (172.72 cm)

Weight: 140 lbs (63.50 kg)

Build: Athletic

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Race: Caucasian


Hunter Blood's usual attire consists of a gray hoodie jacket with a white shirt underneath with a blood drop symbol on it. He has dark navy blue pants with black and white shoes. He holds a black metal baseball bat in his left hand, leaning on his shoulder, with a can of Cola in his right. Though he doesn't actually have these objects in the story.


Hunter was once just an average person, often not wanting to get into other people's business and just move on with his life. He was somewhat depressed that he had to leave his home town and blamed others because of it. He's shown to hide many secrets, giving him a mysterious character background.

However, once moving in and meeting friends, Hunter believes that if he never gives up, he can accomplish anything he sets his mind on. He's friendly to other people often complicating what their wearing and is free-spirited. However he is most at times extremely immature and completely child-like. He constantly makes inappropriate sex jokes and is often abusive to his male friends, but says thats how he and his friends get along. He is often throwing random objects at his friends whenever they say or do something stupid. He and friends are often shown doing the most unusual things around school or their neighborhood, such as when Hunter and Norman are at school, Norman is having a dog suit on an a collar and is walking on fours while Hunter is "walking" him, calling him Fido. He is later seen with Sandalwood wearing a horse mask, pulling a wagon with Norman and Heath on it, behind it is a shopping cart to which Hunter is in, while Micro Chips is beneath him.

In another time, Hunter is seen in a bathtub filled with milk and Lucky Charms marshmallows, wearing a bathrobe and goggles. This further proves Hunter's immature and stupid personality.

Despite being immature, Hunter is extremely brave as depicted when Heath accidentally creates a zombie apocalypse inside the school to which Hunter somewhat saved the day. Hunter saves Serena from a group of "trolls" and some other students. He's not afraid to sacrifice himself for the sake of others.

It's hinted that Hunter is actually mature but chooses not the be. In serious situations such as a trial and funeral, Hunter makes little to no inappropriate comments, unless he accidentally mispronounces a word, and stays serious for the whole session.

Along with immaturity, Hunter also experiences rage issues. Whenever he's frustrated, he usually yells out the name of the person/thing that's frustrating him, followed by an 'Oh my god' phrase. Example: "NORMAN!!! Oh my god!!"



Norman is perhaps Hunter's best friend, talking about numerous conversations with that both enjoy. He shows his friendship to Norman in a different way than most people. He's abusive to him calling him an idiot at times when he doesn't use his mind and is constantly throwing stuff at him. Norman says he doesn't mind and it's all friendly banter at level 10. Norman however can get a bit fed up with Hunter such as when Hunter ordered a body bag online and buried Norman alive with the help of Norman's cousin, Reedus, but he still remains friends with him.

Heath Burns

Heath was once against Hunter when he still worked for Brute Force. During their first encounter, Heath had no intention of becoming Hunter's friend, until he realized how good of a friend Hunter really is and how bad of a friend Brute Force is. Heath stopped working for Brute Force and officially became one of Hunter's best friends. Heath saves Hunter when he's about to get attacked by Brute, showing how much he cares for Hunter. Like Hunter, Heath is abusive to his friends, often putting them in horrible situations. He sometimes sprays a bottle of Tex Ass in the faces of his friends as they scream and are forced to smell the ass smell, to which Heath enjoys watching. Heath is shown to be somewhat sociopathic and doesn't really care about anyone else but himself and to those who he shows great value and compassion to, such as his friends, but still abuses them either way.. To this day, Hunter doesn't know that Heath was working for Brute.

Flash Sentry

Hunter and Flash get along most of the times. Hunter sees Flash as the goofball of the group. Just like Norman, Hunter is shown insulting Flash during his most stupidest times and is seen throwing stuff at him. Flash was once a gentlemen (and still is) but Hunter's impact on his life slowly grew on him, becoming more like Hunter, immature and finds sex jokes funny. Flash claims that he adn the rest of the guys put up with Hunter because Hunter makes their lives more interesting and more exciting, wanting to partake in out-of-the-ordinary situations that Hunter comes up with.


Hunter and Sandalwood get along, but it's hinted that Hunter doesn't really like Sandalwood. This is seen when Hunter is being mauled by an infected Thunderbass and he yells, "Don't eat me! Eat Sandalwood! He's a vegan!" Whether or not Hunter dislikes Sandalwood because he's a vegan is unknown and may just simply dislike him.

Just like the rest, Hunter is abusive and seen throwing items to Sandalwood, to which he throws back.

Micro Chips

Micro Chips is the most logical one out of the six, being the smartest. Despite being depicted as a nerd to Hunter, Micro is seen insulting Hunter such as calling him nimrod, idiot, or moron. Micro however still puts up with Hunter's friendly abusive behavior because he finds it exciting because he knows that if Hunter can be abusive, then everyone in the group can be abusive to him or to each other.

Hunter's overall relationship with his main six guy friends are child-like. They often abuse each other calling each other names, hitting them, or throwing items at each other. Heath adds it on by spraying Tex Ass in their faces while Hunter taps on the balls of his friends, causing them to cringe.

Serena Spirit

Hunter gets along with Serena at time to time; however most of the times if he isn't falling for Serena's tricks, he's getting annoyed by her. His most common pet peeve with her is her nickname for him, Derek, to which he says there's no connection between the nickname and himself whatsoever.

However, there are times where Hunter is flustered about Serena, almost showing he has feelings for her. She commonly flirts with him, often using jokes and even once calling him, "cute", but because of the flirting, it's difficult to tell that if she truly has romantic feelings for him. However, there are times where it's shown she has a slight bit of romance for him, such as when she thought he died at the hands of Lord Hades, where she screamed his name in terror. When he rose back from the ashes, she began hugging him to the point where he could breath and that he could hear his ribs breaking. However, the moment is ruined when Serena began scolding Hunter on how to never scare her like that, even calling him by his real name.


Hunter's known ability is in his legs. He claims he has a birth defect where there's more muscle mass in his legs so he can run faster (possibly 19 miles per hour, Usain Bolt still has the record), jump higher, and leap farther than most humans. Because of the more muscle mass in his legs, he's able to land on the ground from a high distance without feeling little to no pain. He has a high level of agility as well where he has a great amount of stamina and can run for nearly an hour before tiring.


Hunter's main weakness is his own attitude. In T.A.N.K., he goes into battle against the giant T.A.N.K. robot thinking he can take it on. He's over confident in himself and thinks he can do anything, when in reality, he's limited on capabilities. He's a person who "doesn't think and goes into action" meaning he improvises ways on saving the day, by using everyday objects such as a rock or a metal detector. He doesn't have any powers and is just a normal boy who has a birth defect. He is shown to be extremely lazy, sleeping in for an entire day, playing video games all day, even not coming to school just to watch a marathon on TV. He is somewhat of an airhead, not understanding simple mathematical terms and just shoving them aside. He is prone to be unintelligent as he never understands half the things Micro Chips say. One thing he does hate is the cold and hates everything cold. Antarctica, Winter, and even claims he hates Santa Claus because he hates the cold. His greatest weakness however is when he gets body aches, because of the more muscle mass in his legs, he gets extreme muscle aches from his legs causing him almost incapable to move them at all. He can however still walk but when walking he often stumbles and falls so he's basically powerless when he has body aches. During the winter, or any other extreme cold environments, Hunter is completely incapable of travel and has to use either a wheelchair or crutches to get to wherever he wants to. Overall his weaknesses are his over confident attitude, his laziness, and his low intelligence.


"Shut the fuck up."
"Fuckin' A."
"Now put his dick back in his body!"
"That's for your dick!"
"What the freeway!?"
"I'm gonna suck your dick!"
"Oh my god! I can see it in the air!"
"Somebody over here talking about pussy?"


  • Hunter's creation was inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog and Spider-Man
  • He's a germaphobe as he's shown to not shake Sunset's hands because he thought they were dirty.
  • He has four pack abs.
  • Although a whole series about Hunter is in the works, his first appearance isn't in the series. In fact, his very first appearance was in Jaws - Equestria Girls, which takes place in between the series.
  • His personality in the story is his demo personality, a dirty minded, sociopathic, uncaring
  • person until the creator changed it.
  • His favorite music artist is Future.
  • His favorite song by Future is "Fuck Up Some Commas", which could be considered his theme song.
  • His character design was chosen at random. The author of the series said he was in a donut shop one day and a young kid that looked around to be in his high school days walked in and sat in the booth in front of him. The kid wore almost the exact same outfit of Hunter: a gray jacket with a white T-Shirt underneath, navy blue jeans and black SOAP shoes along with his messy brown hair. The only difference was that his T-Shirt didn’t have the blood drop design, since it was suppose to signify Hunter Blood by his name, thus the blood drop design. The kid who wore the outfit is currently unknown and unnamed and was the only time the author encountered him.
  • He claims he's walked in on a person masturbating twice.
  • His favorite porn star is Krystal Boyd.
  • He sleeps in a hammock.
  • It is shown that he speaks German whenever he's angry, disgusted, or confused.
  • His middle name is Pallaton, which means "warrior".
  • He named his robotic baby after his middle name.
  • It's shown that he has a loving for Large Three Meat Deep Dish Pizzas.
  • It's revealed that he was a rapper back at his old school and was one of the most popular kids in that school for three years before he moved.
  • His rap name was Blud Dogg.
  • He claims he had an unnamed great grandfather that was an SS soldier who worked in Auschwitz from 1940 -1945. He claims that his grandfather died when he retreated from the camp and into the Reichstag where he was with his Nazi allies fighting the Soviets within the Reichstag. He says that he died in the parliament room during the firefight.
  • His main catchphrase is, "Shut the fuck up." whenever someone gets him irritated or when he really wants someone to stop talking.
  • He has several nicknames for Flash
  • It’s shown that he appears to be a car mechanic, though in real life, one needs to have a degree to be a car mechanic. Later it’s revealed that Oswald, Hunter’s boss, hired him specifically because he once saw him trying to steal parts of his car and when he was caught, he easily placed them in the correct order.
  • His favorite game is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and his favorite mode is Team Deathmatch. However, there are rare times that he plays Modern Warfare 3.
  • His favorite team in both games is Spetsnaz, hence why he usually yells out Russian call outs in school. i.e. “Brosaju stan granatu!” “Vrach! Nam nuzhen vrach!” “Vrag ubit!” “Tsel' unichtozhena!” "Prikrojte menja!"
  • His favorite loadout in Modern Warfare 2 is the MP5K w/ Red Dot Sight, with a Desert Eagle as a sidearm. His grenades are Semtex and 2x Stun Grenade. His perks are Sleight of Hand, Hardline, and Commando.
  • Once again, his favorite team in Modern Warfare 3 is Spetsnaz, and his weapon loadout consists of MP7 w/ Silencer, his secondary weapon is FMG9 Akimbo, grenades being Semtex and Stun Grenade, and his perks are Sleight of Hand, Hardline, and Marksman.