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If you like half changelings join this if you don't know what a half chabgeling is read my fanfic called littlemoon and chysalis friends? Hope ya love it and i love to see you post wonderful changeling story's

Yay im active

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319361 my fic is in storys

321187 go ahead upload it :D

And yes you can do changeling
Hybrid story's and normal
Changeling story's

And littlemoon my o.c is half changeling so she can change into ponys to anypony relly

Oh well you don't really have to be a hybrid also I am gonna post a Pic of my o.c

Is this only for changeling hybrids? Because i have a fic "A Changeling's Soul Reflection" and i was wondering if i could upload.

I love hybrids :pinkiehappy:

Can I have a link to your fic

I wish I made this group first.

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