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It's Fluttershy's soulmate day. This day just happens to coincide with the escape of the Lord of Chaos, Discord.

Now, she must figure out who her soulmate is and take care of a bad guy at the same time.

The universe has terrible timing.

Fluttercord soulmate AU with Groundhog Day influences.

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This whole read was absolutely brilliant. I could barely put it down. I just about DIED when it ended, I really, REALLY wanted to read how the story goes on, that’s how good it was.

The soulmate idea was fantastic and it was so gripping and emotional, without becoming fluffy or cliché. At no point did I know what was going to happen next and yet every beat of the plot was believable.

A GREAT read!!! My favorite part was their uncomfortable, only semi-amicable tea party and the sheer regret that came through when the time loop ended.

This was beautiful. Thank you, wordsmith.

I love this! Can there be a sequel where they start talking this out and fluttershy's friends find out the truth? I enjoyed this and I would love for a story giving more explanation into their lives afterwards.

I probably won't ever write a sequel to this, since the implication is that it leads into Keep Calm And Flutter On and a lot of the events play out pretty much the same from there. It's just the circumstances of their meeting that are different, and they know each other better when Discord's reformation starts. I'm really happy you liked it though! It's always awesome to hear when people like something I wrote enough to want a sequel.

& thanks to everyone for the kind words so far :heart:

Perhaps a bonus chapter, I at least want to know how you'd come up with Rarity's reaction to Fluttershy and Discord being soulmates. All the others would pretty much be obvious. Rainbow Dash will be protective, Applejack would be suspicious, Twilight would freak out, and Pinkie Pie would be happy (duh). but Rarity's reaction could go in a thousand different direction just based on the way she thinks. Like a trip to the spa! :yay:

If I ever get the inspiration for any additional content, I'll write it! I make no promises

This is a wonderful story. I wonder if there is more?

Simply wonderful.

Signing out, VShuffler42

Y'know, even though I have read a few soulmate AUs before I never thought that I would get into this trope. But this fanfic? It proved me wrong and is so beautifully written, you did an excellent job at keeping the soulmate trope while at the same time keeping the feeling that this could also be a slow-burn romance (which are my favourites). Thank you for this and I hope there's more to come if you ever think of something.

I really, REALLY enjoyed this. You did a superb job with characterization for all the characters, which is a real talent when one of the main characters is Discord. He can be tricky. It's easy to make him too sappy (something I do all the time) in this genre.

I loved it so much I used a break at work to start reading it.

Discord, you are the biggest liar in the history of everything. I wouldn't doubt it if he felt his heart explode in beautiful chaos at that kiss.

I loved the lore you included too! What a good concept to make the story stand out!

However, I made my review a reply to your comment because while I totally don't mean to pressure you to write anything else (trust me, I'd be a major hypocrite in doing so), I would argue that the interactions they had in your story prior to what happened in canon would change their interactions entirely. There would be so much more going on in their interactions because they aren't just getting to know each other. In fact, it could make things even more complicated, knowing that they're supposedly "soulmates".

It would make a very interesting alternative universe, that's for sure.

I agree! Their interactions WOULD be pretty different. I just meant that the general direction of events would probably be about the same, minus his betrayal in Twilight's Kingdom. That probably wouldnt happen in this verse, LMAO

I'm happy you liked it! I would definitely consider writing more for this, I just know how my muse works and I typically don't feel inspired to return to the same thing twice. I'm not ruling it out, I just dont want to get anyone's hopes up 😔

But either way, everyone's support of this fic has been so flattering, and seeing a huge Fluttercord fan like yourself enjoy it is a huge compliment! Knowing that people like my work enough to read it during breaks at work is such a surreal and awesome feeling. It makes me wanna keep writing.

This fic has converted me. I am now 100% pro fluttercord

I'm happy to know I have this power

Found some you missed:

She wrung her hands,

joined hands with



Thank you for pointing out what I need to edit and thank you for the keysmash!

Back again, still enjoy the story. :twilightsmile: Still hoping you find some inspiration for a bonus chapter or a sequel, Fluttershy needs her Discord. :fluttercry:

"Where are the Elements of Harmony?"

Wait a minute...Nightmare Moon destroyed the Elements (in their petrified, inactive forms at that), only for them to reform and reappear around their wielders' necks (and on Twilight's head) when their attributes are listed out. When Sombra destroys the Tree of Harmony, containing the Elements, the girls can still use their power by (seemingly) concentrating on their attributes.

What's the point of hiding the Elements, when they could just reform on their wielders just by either listing out, or concentrating on, their attributes? This should be a slam-dunk for the ponies.

He chuckled and snapped his fingers. "Taken care of."

"What did you do?"

"Teleported your friend to the Dragon Lands. If you ponies place such value on "friendship" and "unity", then surely she'll be able to make nice with those cruel braggarts. And even if she can't, not like it'll matter, due to this "soulmate" time loop nonsense you mentioned, my dear; her being fried to a crisp will just revert earlier this morning!"

Don't ask me, ask the episode. They had to find the elements in the episode, too.

Also, about the Dragon Lands thing, at this point Discord's gonna opt for the option that both confuses Rainbow Dash (he usually likes for ponies to be confused; if they're in danger, they'll be dead, and thus unable to be confused anymore) and that lets him talk to Fluttershy without her being more sour towards him than she already is. Despite everything, he's more fascinated by Fluttershy than he realizes at this point, and he only snaps at her once he realizes he has encroaching Feelinges.

asdfghjk i love this story ;u; i really hope there will be a sequel/ follow up !

. . . Good story, back again. . . Wills you inspirational vibes. Sequel please. :fluttercry:

Can't believe I haven't commented on this story yet, but here goes—I greatly enjoy this story! You seem to perfectly capture the emotions of everything, from Fluttershy's confusion, to her nervousness, to the hope she begins to have at the very end.

I also think that the rules of soulmate days were well-explained. It helped that for each rule, you showed some kind of example (how Rarity and Applejack handled their repeats, and how Fluttershy's mother ran out of 'repeats' before she found her soulmate).

As for Discord...I think you captured his pre-reformation personality very well. He enjoys causing ponies confusion, but he's willing to listen to Fluttershy once he realizes that there's something going on that he doesn't know about. I liked how you showed him and Fluttershy building a connection as the story continues, leading up to that kiss. :rainbowkiss: (Discord, you little sneak...you enjoyed that kiss as much as she did, didn't you. :trixieshiftright:)

And...while it seems sad at first, that their soulmate day ends with him stuck in stone, I'm glad that there seems to be a happy ending in the future. Good on Celestia for noticing that something was up.

He put his hands out in a welcoming gesture. "Ah, my fellow Groundhog Day prisoner! Hello, Fluttershy!"

Celestia sat up straight and placed her hoof on the Elements of Harmony, preparing herself for every possible outcome. She hoped Fluttershy was up to the task.

Oh yeah definitely she will

Ok this was a pretty good story and I've always did like those time Loop stories even though it could be sad but also kind of funny Fluttershy had to go through a lot to get through Discord but unfortunately he's just so stubborn and this whole soulmate thing he said is nonsense but someday she hoped that maybe she can help him and become friends with which she did and the episode keep calm and flutter on this this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

I read this one a few weeks ago but I'm going back to review it now because this story has really stuck with me (and also because I'm trying to get better about reviewing stories that I read and like, I have become very bad at this lately aaaugh). Because, yes, I really do love this story! And that's coming from someone who doesn't really care for soulmate stories usually. But the concept would work in a universe with magic like MLP has, and the way you handled the "this is how you find your soulmate" was very unique and made me just keep reading and reading, dying to know what was going to happen next. I loved that with every time the day reset Discord did things differently, because of course he would 😄

The ending kind of destroyed me emotionally of course lol. I am glad that things ended on a more hopeful note with Celestia.

Wonderful job on this :twilightsmile:

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