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Hey, guys! Allow me to explain what the Hangout is about.

This is basically the chill zone. I have no rules regarding stories, but there are a few rules I have about threads:

1) Do not post a thread for the sole purpose of hurting others.

2) No NSFW pictures are allowed. Stories and hyperlinks are fine.

3) Try to follow website rules. I don't want my group to spiral downwards. It's a place for freedom, not rule-breaking.

If any of these rules are broken, I will close and delete the thread. Continuous violation of these rules will result in me kicking you from the group.

Enough rules for one day. Here are some of the things you can do here:

1) Post a story

2) Ask for help

3) Offer help

4) Advertise your story

5) Strike up a conversation (any kind)

6) Recommend groups

7) Recommend stories

And other stuff I can't think of right now. So have fun, guys!

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Comment posted by UndeadSketches deleted Nov 22nd, 2017

365428 edited by watersper
Bronies, pegasisters, trolls, and weirdos pretending to be little kids--I, the poet Polypony, humbly ask you: "What is a story for?"
Some say a story is something to cry over, some say it is for laughter, others say it is about hatred and love, still others say it is to confuse and frustrate unsuspecting readers, and some merely find stories interesting.
But that question, deep and philosophical as it may seem, is nothing compared to this: "What is fabric?"
Do not laugh. Tell me, what is fabric?
Fabric is something made of threads.
My friends and enemies, we weave a fabric whenever we read a story. Every comment, every favorite, every vote on a chapter weaves a thread into the fabric. Every blog post about what is and is not canon--a thread. Every argument on a group about uncreative stories--another thread in the fabric. Every announcement about a Hasbro takedown--yet another thread. In the apparent chaos of the Internet, there is order; the fabric is woven into patterns despite the random havoc.
Every one of us on this site is part of the fabric. We cannot empower ourselves without empowering everyone around us. We have risen up, tied together by the fabric of friendship, and said to Hasbro "You have created, but so have we. We will not sit idle as you destroy our works. We shall create."
You may disagree with this. I respect your opinion, but I cannot continue to be silent. To the rest of you, you have been awakened; you are now aware of your power. The most powerful thing on the Internet is a brony with a keyboard.
Come, my friends. Collaborate with me. We will weave more threads into the tapestry, and create the greatest fanfiction the world has ever seen.

365428 original

Bronys,pegasisters,trolls,weird people itimtiaing a young child I the poet polypony come here humbley an ask of each and every on of you what is a story? Some say its a thing to cry over,laugh at,hate,love,find confusing,or just interesting but this question is nothing compared to my next one what is fabric it my friends and enemy's is something we make and read comment and vote on what those who say is canon be ignored and vanish they who would not let you use you imagination they who say the only cannon you see near your head is that of lawsuits on artwork and animation for you see the internet is a place of chaos that is orderly we do not destroy one another with out hurting ourselves we are a one made up of many we who say no to let's say Hasbro those of us who do not agree I can respect that but for to long have we the fans been silent oh sure we have come and letters but I awaken you to the most powerful thing that you can posses a keyboard so come my brother and sisters or what have you an join me as we this collaboration will make the greatest fanric of mlp ever known to everypony.

Anybody wanna hear a inspiring speech?

357095 shall I upload light and shadow

So, I just came up with an idea for a story, so I'm waiting for approval and hoping it'll turn out well.

356928 14's a good start :D

Heya, I'm here too!

Hello fun group! :raritystarry:

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