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Violet Rose in The Rain

Every rainstorm makes every day of sunlight that much more precious.


Nightmare Moon was defeated and Princess Luna has been redeemed. The Two Sisters are reunited and Equestria now has not one, but two Princesses.

In the depths of her new home called the Golden Oaks Library, Twilight reflects on the mystery of the Night Sky Stars and why they choose to help Nightmare Moon escape from her prison.

Contains: The thoughts of a bus passenger coalesced into a barely-readable story. All canon information in the story has been taken from Season 1 and nothing after that has been included. Takes place after the Series Premiere.

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Comments ( 11 )

This is very well-written. The words blend beautifully and it takes a logical glimpse into Twilight's way of thinking. This is good. You should write more stories often, you've got writing talent.

Great writing, it's truly beautiful!

Twilight Sparkle had seven Night Sky stars as her Cutie Mark?

Wait, SEVEN?

Anyway, I like it. It's... nice.

7985107 An extra if you count the white star behind the largest one.

Ooh, I see... weird how I've never noticed that one before.

The second image within the story is broken.

8238387 Thank you for the notification and your interest in my story.

Story was great.

One tiny thing. I personaly prefer "sapient" ("thinking" like in Homo Sapiens) over "sentient" (anything with a brain).

This is interesting. I think way too few authors go back and look at the events of the very first episodes and realize how much they imply about the mythology and cosmology of Equestria. If I have one real complaint about this story, it's that it is not longer and doesn't delve even deeper into the questions raised by the prophecy and its claims: some of Twilight's conclusions seem like unfounded intuitive leaps and I would have liked to see her dig deeper into the history surrounding NMM's original banishment and gather more concrete evidence.

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