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Sooooooooo. Since I’m such a slow writer I decided to make a group and see what other creative minds come up with. I love the shipping of Soarin and Rainbow Dash and I absolutely love reading other stories. There are a few rules I would like to point out:

Rule One, MOST IMPORTANT RULE!!!!!: NO JUDGING OTHER STORIES! Please dont be mean and judge other peoples stories. You can suggest things to them but don’t be hurtful.

Rule Two: PLEASE PUT YOUR STORIES IN THE RIGHT FOLDERS! You can have your stories in multiple folders, make sure there the right ones though. If your story fits in all the folders, put it in all the folders

Rule Three: If you want me to proof read your story, send it to me and I’ll help best I can.

Rule Four: If your story does not fit in any of the folders, let me know and I’ll either suggest a folder or I’ll make a new one

Rule Five: I don’t care if you criticize me, make fun of me, laugh at my work, or even say mean things about it, just don’t do it to others in the group (This kind of goes back to Rule One but..)

Rule Six: If your jut trying to get your story in a folder to get some readers/ followers, I don’t care, there’s a folder for other ships. Main focus of this group is SoarinDash ships but I’m sure we’ve all been down the road of trying to put our stories out there

Rule Seven: Don’t rush people or pressure them. We all have other things in life other than writing stories so don’t pressure people and make them think they have to get it done in like two minutes

Rule Eight: BE CREATIVE AND DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE GOING TO COMMENT!! This pretty much sums it all up. Just be yourself and write what you want to write. If someone post something about your story you find offensive, let me know and I’ll do something about it as soon as I can.

Sorry about all that. I just want people to know they won’t be judged, hurt, or rushed. I understand you all have lives outside of writing and I’m a very slow writer as it is so don’t worry about being the slowest because I can assure you, I’m the slowest writer there is. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the stories you guys come up with and remember, I can proof read and suggest pictures for you guys to use. If you need help finding a picture or wording something, I can help find a picture that will fit your story and I’m in advanced classes, I can help with wording.



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