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I have not written any stories yet,but I will start one this week I promise and it will be posted for you guys to take a look at and see what I would like in this group.

Sombrashy as you can see is a group mentioned for Fluttershy X Sombra ONLY!!!!There will be no Sombra X Twilight,Sombra X Pinkie pie,(ex.)If you respect that then you may do clop,fanfic and all that nice junk,it can even be from EG.My one and only rule:

That means no teen rated stuff unless it's marriage.........hehehe...................Anyway that means no makeing out in bed,no guns,no violence unless it's the main 6 against some point,and NO HARRASSING is aloud anywhere near my group.

The reason why is because I am only 12 and that kind of stuff is forbidden in this group.But I hope you guys understand that this is a everyone group,not just teens,EVERYONE is invited to join no matter who you are,just please watch the language and be appropriate,thanks.

Hope you guys would like to be in my group!!!!

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