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What if Spottedleaf was given a second chance at life just before her spirit faded away for good? Follow the former ThunderClan medicine cat as she finds her own place among ponies.

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Hol up... Warrior Cats x MLP?

My two favorite fandoms in one story... very interesting! In a good way ofc.

oop? is that a warrior cat character I see?

Something different for a change

You mean Spottedleaf? Yeah, she was reincarnated into the MLP world.

Comment posted by Kitsulestia deleted March 16th

*chuckling* Let me guess, you're a fan too?

Who is your favorite cat? Mine are Bluestar and Spottedleaf

I myself enjoy Jayfeather, though my top favorite has to be Millie.

Ah, Jay-bae... He's got that tsundere attitude

But of course how could you not love that angry little munchkin.

I like Thistleclaw (please don't kill me ik what he did to Spottedleaf was bad but I like his BP character a lot more), Bramblestar, Whitethroat, Ashfur, etc.

I put a gryphon version of him in my other fanfic though

Actually, Clawface killed Spottedleaf in the first book and then she was killed by Mapleshade in the last book of the Omen of the Stars arc

Check book 10 chapter 32 of Life as a Sonic OC, that's Jayfeather as a gryphon

What are the odds, I was just thinking about warrior cats. I haven't read in a long time, spottedleaf is that good smelling one right

Yeah, I had no idea that there were other folks on FIMfiction who are Warrior Cats fans

I was interested since i never thought i would see a warriors crossover but then it seemed like you were trying to speedrun through the story to the point where you get whiplash from all the stuff you throw in this first chapter. Also did you pull Wendy from Fairy tail for that dragon?

A warrior cats fanfic? This ought to be interesting...

Kind of but the name had been Teen Cadence's idea

You a fan too?

I was like, "oh, that looks like a Warriors fan-art... Wait a second."

I can tell from seeing this in the featured box that this is getting a lot of love, but allow me to be a little bit harsh here, since I really appreciate the rare Warriors-FiM crossovers and hope to see their full potential realised:

You've got to work better on how you tell your story. This chapter swings between present and past tense too many times to ignore, the punctuations aren't used properly, and it's treading by the "no bland scripts" rule rather dangerously.

I love the sentiment that can emerge from this concept, but now I fail to see how your words could harness that. I recommend reading through this writing guide on site, or maybe find a proofreader for yourself? I'm sure there'll be someone who'd love to help out.

I'd have to talk with my co-author about it though since chapter 1 is set ten years prior to Twilight meeting the rest of the Mane Six. Chapter 2 is set ten years after Spottedleaf arrived in Equestria

Yeah, but I only read the original series.
Also, like others have said, you might wanna slow down with the story, always give at least a basic description of what is happening where so people know what to imagine, give some backround etc.

I know but I've seen several MLP-Warriors crossovers on Fanfiction though so I thought I'd try my hand at writing one too

Sandstorm (before she became a background character bruh) and Leafpool

Yeah and you may notice characters from other franchises too... Azure Wind and Quick Fix are based on Sonic and Tails, Cyber Song is based on the title character from Cybersix

First chapter is very vague. No explanation as to where she shows up? Inside, outside? No explanation as to why Celestia and the other ponies are there. No explanation as to how Celestia knows he is a herbalist or healer. Need to flesh these out a little bit better.


I didn't expect for the Chakat race to be in the story.

Interesting way of putting Past Sins in here. Also, having Twilight give birth to Nyx instead. Past Sins favorite story by the way. The chapter where Nyx gets taken away by Celestia broke my heart. Especially when Nyx shouted out Mommy.

Ah the sonic crew is now appearing in here now as different species.

Okay... warrior cats AND mlp. Definitely, a MUST-read.
I just recently bought the first warrior cats book because not only has it been over a decade since I've read it, I also wanted to see it in the English language (read it in my native Croatian the first time).
And since some people are sharing, I always gravitated towards Yellowfang. She deserved better in life, but about all I remember at this point.

Yellowfang might make her appearance soon

And as for the books themselves... Not counting e-books... I have seven graphic novels, one super edition and two arc-based books. Book 1 of Dawn of the Clans and book 1 of Vision of Shadows

What can I say? I practically grew up with Sonic, he's like the brother I never had

now that is a book series i have not touched in a good 10 years Warriors. i may have to read this story.

the series has been around for 20 years

Huh...first chapter is a little fast....Aldo this is my first experience with battle cats so I don't know anything at all going into this...this might be fun like trying to predict discord with no memories of his limits

Do I need to know Warriors to read this?

Not really but it's your choice

if i could tack on some criticisms of my own, this chapter not only feels fast, but Spottedleaf also feels kinda... Mary-Sue-y?
like, she knows things that she, by rights, should have 0 knowledge of; she suddenly not only has magic, but also the knowledge of how to use it... somehow; and she also gets her own dragon companion
also, one of the reasons everything feels so fast is that everyone seems to just... accept everything that happens, as it happens. there's no questioning of anything.

Blame Goddess Faust for that part but since it's my fic, I write it however I want

Not going to lie, the first chapter was missing character. It's rushed and it lost my interest when Spottedleaf went from defensive to accepting without a process of emotions to the situation.

I recommend a rewrite, mostly due to a lot of potential that this story can contribute.

She went from fading soul to a reincarnated being

Spottedleaf refuses to eat sentient animals

Well I may not read this story but given how the Warriors book got me into reading in the first place I wish you the best of luck

Thanks, I just started Season 3

The power of three right? Thing's really start to go crazy in that season. Hell at one point I was thinking of writing a fanfic loosely based off the power of the star's

And yes, MeadowClan is a fanmade clan that I created but since it mainly covers Ponyville and partial surrounding area... It's a larger clan due to the number of folks

Not to mention, Chapter 1 takes place shortly after Spottedleaf was killed in battle (See Omen of the Stars Book 6 chapter 26)

Ah yes the true death...well I guess not for your story. Omin of the star's was the last of the warriors book that I've read. Still don't know if I'll even pick up the other book's as this was a fantastic way for it to end

Medicine Cat Among Ponies diverts away from the main Warriors series. Basically... Vision of Shadows, Broken Code and Starless Clan don't happen

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