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I'm only doing my major OCs, I have a whole set of minor OCs, but I'm going to spare you from that.
Here we go
Glitch Song- A pale yellow Pegasus with a bright cyan mane and tail with a pitch black streak running through them. Her eyes are a watery cerulean and her cutie mark is a black music note with a few sections glitched up on top of two pencils forming an X
Fire Breeze- A pale cyan Pegasus filly with a fiery but strait mane with a tail that looks more like fire. Has pale green eyes, daughter of Spitfire and Soain'.
Char Blitz-Cerulean Dream Wing Mare with a red, orange, and yellow and orange eyes.
Luminous Mirror- A white Light Wing stallion with a Blue, Silver, Green, Indigo, and yellow mane with green eyes.
Lonliness- A lavender Ghost Pony with a white mane and black eyes.
Thunder Channel- Grey unicorn stallion with a spiky, lightning-like neon yellow mane and gold eyes. Cutie mark is a grey cloud with six lightning bolts shooting out of it
Obsidian Frost- Grey Earth-Pony stallion with a bright cyan mane and yellow eyes. Cutie mark is a black apple with snow on the top.

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