• Published 28th Aug 2012
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Hurricane Force Winds... - Skyblitz

Spitfire and Soarin's lives are turned upside down with a certain unwanted complication in the form of a foal.

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Chapter 1: Passion

Chapter 1: Passion

"Nothing in the world can ruin what we have..."

Rain hammered down upon the extravagantly built cloudhome, soaking the tall high windows with freezing water. The droplets left trails and streaks down the polished glass as they slid down onto the windowsill. The odd clap of thunder could be heard in the distance. However, the storm could not dampen the warmth and laughter that echoed within the building. In the artfully decorated living room, four pegasus ponies sat around an open circular fireplace upon luxurious curved sofas, drinks in hoof and smiles decorating their faces.

Soarin' nearly spat out his cocktail as Rapidfire reached the conclusion of his long winded story. The pale blue stallion laughed out in hysterics as his best friend buried his face behind a pillow in embarrasment.

"W-wait, you mean to say, that after Fleetfoot knocked the waitress over, you somehow got it into your head that it was a invitation for some kind of public threesome? Ha! I don't think I've ever been that drunk Rapid. Oh sweet Celestia, no wonder you were kicked out" cried Soarin' as he wiped away a tear of laughter with his free hoof. Rapidfire was blushing intensely as the light blue, white maned mare beside him looked at her coltfriend, shaking her head slowly as a small smile crept across her mouth. The golden maned grey stallion gave Fleetfoot an apologetic glance before beaming himself. The events of yesterday's flight show were nothing compared to the after-party.

Spitfire pouted beneath Soarin's wing as she realised her glass was empty, her burned amber eyes glaring angrily at the void where the alcohol should be. The fiery maned mare wriggled free from under the athletic stallion's feathers as she stood up to trot over to the bar that stood behind them.
"I know you've done stupid things in your life Rapidfire, but Celestia, you must have been pissed if you thought you could just try and mount both mares in the middle of a night club!" she giggled as she stumbled slightly herself, gaining a few chuckles from Soarin'. "Don't you laugh sir, I remember very clearly that night in Las Pegasus more clearly than you do" she retorted, causing everypony to direct their amusement at Soarin'.

"What? What did I do wrong?" he said jokily. I truth, he had gotten so drunk that night that he mistook Fire Streak, another memeber of the Bolts, for Spitfire. That was the first time Soarin' had ever kissed another colt, and he hadn't realised his mistake until both he and Fire Streak were halfway up the stairs to Soarin's suite in the hotel.

"Um, Fire Streak, kiss, going, to, buck..." said Rapidfire smugly, faking coughs in between each pause. Soarin' smirked slyly before quickly hurling the remainder of his cocktail directly into Rapidfire's face. Everypony stood silent for half a second before Rapidfire's face stretched into a smile. "How dare you!" the grey pegasus laughed in mock outrage as he flung himself across the sofa, barrelling into Soarin' and knocking him onto the floor. For a good minute the world descended into complete and utter hilarity as Soarin' play fought with his best friend, both their marefriends dying in fits of tipsy laughter.

After the conclusive 'win' from Soarin' and another round of highly alcoholic drinks, everypony fell back into the plushy couches, drunken revelry washing over them like a soft blanket. Fleetfoot had drifted off to sleep, much to the annoyance of Rapidfire, who attempted to wake up his heavily intoxicated marefriend with seductive kisses behind her ears and down her neck. He recieved a blindly aimed slap with an irritated hoof. Soarin' glanced lazily at the clock on the wall behind him. It was only two in the morning. Plenty of time to get blasted with yet more alcohol...

"Okaaaay everyp-pony, I wanna play a game. The f-first one, t-t-to finish all ten of their shot in ten seconds...gets to spend the n-night with me and Spitty..." Soarin' slurred, almost falling to his left as he stood up on his rear legs, waving an overflowing cocktail glass in his left forehoof. Rapidfire had finally managed to wake up Fleetfoot, and lifted his head up from nuzzling her tenderly.

"Why'd anypony wanna stay with you? You're so ugly" the golden maned stallion laughed, causing the gently moaning mare beneath him to giggle. Spitfire joined Soarin' in standing on the glass coffee table, a foreleg wrapping round his withers.
"Now Rapid, that wasn't very n-nice...just cuz you secretly want h-him" hiccupped the yellow mare, her normally styled mane falling around her face like when she was a filly. Her cousin snorted and continued to kiss and seduce Fleetfoot, who piped up next.

"What do get if we stay here, I don' wanna stay if you guys are just going to buck". Soarin' gazed at the white maned mare with drunken emerald eyes and smiled broadly.
"Who's ta say you can't join in?" he asked. Spitfire laughed, Fleetfoot giggled and Rapidfire gave Soarin' a look of mild disapproval before continuing to cause his marefriend to gasp in delight. Spitfire hopped off the table and started to fill the many shot glasses that were lined up on the bar. Seizing a bottle of triple distilled Stalliongrad Vodka, the orange maned mare poured in a continuous line until all the little cups were filled to their brims.

"Everypony get over here, I wanna see who'll be bucking with me and Soar tonight. But Rapidfire, if you win, which you won't, I'm not doin' anythin' with you. You be my c-cousin and I ain't touching you. I'll just let Soar work you over" she half said half spat. Slowly, the other three pegasi staggered towards the long line of glasses, Fleetfoot stumbling comically on the steps that led up to the bar. After everypony found a barstool to sit their haunches on, and after Soarin' had downed his current drink, Spitfire tossed each pegasus ten glasses without spilling a drop of the vodka. A remarkable feat considering that she was wasted herself. She scanned her amber eyes at the three before her before grabbing her first glass.

"Who's keepin' the time?" Rapidfire asked. Soarin' snorted before waving a dismissive hoof.
"Who cares? Lets just see who can hold their liquor without dying"
"But it was your idea to see who could do it in the fastest time" protested a rather over-impatient Fleetfoot. Soarin' shook his head. "I don't care any more"
"So you don't care that I m-might not be sharing your bed t'night?" Rapidfire laughed, thinking himself the best comedien that ever graced the land of Equestria. Soarin' gave his friend's athletic form a brief scan with his jaded eyes before shaking his head.
"I've had better"

Everypony laughed hard at that before being silenced by an impatient Spitfire. "Alright...on the count of three, okay? One, t-t-two...three!" The first four shot glasses went bottoms up in half a heartbeat, quickly followed by the next four as everypony downed their shots with a fury. Once everypony had reached number six, Fleetfoot suddenly fell flat on the floor. Rapidfire quickly followed. It was a sprint to the finish between Soarin' and Spitfire, like so many of their foalhood races together. Glass eight, glass nine, glass ten...Spitfire won by only a few nano seconds, but it was noticeable enough. The yellow pony whooped in delight as she raised her forelegs above her head in victory. Soarin' shook his head in protest, the vodka still burning the back of his throat.

"Nah, nah, I won Spitty, I won. Me! I...never lose!" he laughed as his marefriend almost fell over in her victory celebration. She spun round and collapsed onto her pale blue coltfriend, her muzzle buried in his coat.
"Well then, mister win-a-lot, whats my prize? What do I get for beating your sexy flank?" Soarin' locked gazes with her amber eyes. Dispite being absurdly drunk with stray strands of mane covering half of her face, Spitfire looked as beautiful as ever. The young stallion was soon reminded why he fell in love with this extraordinary, wonderful mare. She was beautiful, funny, sexy and fun loving. He smiled at her slyly.

"Well...how about we go upstairs, and then I'll give you your prize" he muttered seductively in her ear. Spitfire tensed in his hold and almost purred in fiendish delight. She winked a heavily lidded eye, making her look evilly innocent yet so naughty at the same time. Soarin' could feel the base of his wings tensing in excitement. It wasn't the only thing tensing...

"C'mon lovercolt, give me my reward" Spitfire pulled Soarin' by a forehoof towards the curved glass stairs that led to the second floor of Soarin's lavish modern penthouse. She stroked the underside of his chin with her tail, teasing the arroused stallion with split second glimpses of his prize. The two ponies staggered towards their bedroom, one thing on both their minds.

The bedroom itself was a wonderfully decorated room with a high vaulted ceiling. Tall windows offered spectacular views of Greater Cloudsdale, the city currently glittering with white and golden light despite the early pre-dawn hour. Cream coloured cloudsewn rugs lay across the room. Various works of modern art adorned the white curved walls, and elegantly styled furinture stood above the mounds of junk and general mess that seemed to follow Soarin' to every place of residence her lived in. An ensuite bathroom cut off to the far left, and a home cinema next to that.

The massive king sized double bed stood on a raised section of the room, its magnificently carved posts almost reaching towards the ceiling, where a large crystal chandelier loomed. Spitfire trotted towards the luxuriously cushioned bed, still teasing Soarin' with her tail. His wings were fully extended now, and his eyes showed a loving yet primal hunger. Once both ponies reached first step of the raised platform, the pale blue stallion then took over. Seizing Spitfire's head with forehoof, his pressed his lips forcefully against hers, gaining a moan of pleasure from the golden mare. Soarin' wreathed Spitfire's tongue with his own before pushing her slowly up the second step towards the bed.

"You gonna show me somethin' special t'night Soar? Better than your moves at the show yesterday?". Soarin' nipped her neck in response. Spitfire gasped before giggling like a little school filly. She loved it when he did this, forcing her as he made her body feel as if it was on fire. The feel of his body against hers was a sensation that Spitfire treasured and adored. Ever since that magical night three years ago on a small drifting cloud above Cloudsdale, Spitfire had loved her best friend with all her heart. His love coupled with the friendship and exhilaration of being in the Wonderbolts made her life complete. She had no doubt that he was the one, the one to spend the rest of her life with.

Soarin's mind and heart melted when he heard Spitty's gasps. He loved it when she did that, letting her walls down and letting him in. The sensation of her curved and athletic form beneath his was a feeling that Soarin' once only daydreamed about all that time ago during their time at the Flight Academy. But on that night, admist the starry host of Luna's beautiful moonlit hour, that was the moment when he realised how much he truly loved Spitfire, how he loved her company and her warmth, how he loved the sound of her voice and the sight of her smile. Being in the most prestigious flight team in Equestria was only a bonus in Soarin's eyes. So long as he had Spitfire by his side, nothing could ever bring him down to earth. He was flying in the stratosphere, and he intended to stay there. She was the one, the one to spend the rest of his life with.

As the two ponies moved against each other beneath the quilted covers of the bed, the rain clouds dissapted, letting in shafts of silvery moonlight through the high windows. The large bedroom was flooded with magical moonlight as both pegasi expressed their love - albeit more than a little bit drunkedly.

Rapidfire woke up groggily. His head hurt, and he pressed a forehoof to the source of the intense pounding that hummed through it. The grey stallion stumbled to his hooves, still very much tipsy. He almost tripped over the still prone Fleetfoot as he attempted to make his way to the curved sofas by the fire, now reduced to orange embers. It was then that Rapidfire's ears flicked in response to a faint sound coming from just futher beyond the top of the glass staircase. Still too drunk to register what exactly had woken him up, the golden maned stallion plodded up the stairs towards the source of the noise. He stopped when he came to the locked door that was Spitfire and Soarin's bedroom. Head still hurting, Rapidfire pressed his ear against the door.

"Oh Soar, oh Soar, yes, keep going, yes, yes, yes, oh Soar, faster, faster!"

Rapidfire quickly reeled his head back in sheer horror. He had nothing against his best friend dating his cousin, but bucking her whilst there were still guests in the house was a bit over the top.
"Yikes..." he muttered. Choosing to forget the whole experience, Rapidfire stumbled back downstairs to get Fleetfoot. It was time to go home.