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Hurricane Force Winds... - Skyblitz

Spitfire and Soarin's lives are turned upside down with a certain unwanted complication in the form of a foal.

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Chapter 6: Responsibility

Chapter 6: Responsibility

"Stay by my side..."

The constant beep beep beep of the heart monitor droned on eerily, making Spitfire's already tense mood boil over to near and utter ruin. Her bright yellow coat was covered with sweat, clinging to the fur like a second skin. She rubbed her hooves together nervously, watching with red rimmed eyes through the glass of the double doors that stood guarding the entrance to the hospital ward where her friend and captain lay unconscious and broken.

How had everything collapsed so quickly?

Tempest Wind was lying still on a hospital bed, half covered in bandages. The white linen was stained ruddy brown, showing just how injured the aerobat was. Around him, two mares and a unicorn doctor darted around feverishly, taking readings and scribbling notes on curling, well used notepads. One of the nurses whispered something to the other, drawing the attention of the unicorn. Spitfire wondered what they had said, but everything that was spoken beyond the thick double doors to the ward came out as muffled murmurs. Spitfire almost didn't want to know what they had said. Another nurse rushed into the room, not giving a second glance to the yellow pegasus. In her mouth she carried a small clear folder filled with what looked like x-ray scans.

Spitfire turned her burned amber gaze downwards to the plain floor at her hooves. She was sitting on an uncomfortable chair in the middle of the central thoroughfare that ran through the Cloudsdale White Wings Hospital. It hadn't been more than two hours since Tempest had crashed into the stands of the Cloudesium, but to Spitfire it had felt like days. The doctors and medical ponies had done an exemplary job in treating the Wonderbolt Captain, but to the fire maned mare, it wasn't good enough. Until her captain was back flying in the skies again, nothing would be considered good enough.

Sky Captain Silverfall had been gracious in escorting the yellow pegasus to the hospital, and he had stated several firm and confident words on making sure Hurricane and Storm Rider would be punished if sufficient evidence was found for her accusations. She couldn't care less. Not when her captain lay crippled, her cousin had mysteriously disappeared, and her coltfriend had stormed off into the blue filled with rage. Coming face to face with a high school bully and highly unstable ex-coltfriend and would-be rapist had finally tipped things over the edge.

"Where did it all go wrong...?" she whispered out loud. Absently, she traced a hoof over her lower body and sighed. Oh yes, and on top of everything else, she was pregnant. What did I do to deserve this? For what seemed like the hundredth time that day, Spitfire began to cry.

The Tower of the Iron Cloud acted as the centre of all Sky Warden activity in the heartlands of Equestria. Perched atop one of the highest cloudbanks of the floating city, the Tower loomed above the many cloud-built streets and houses, casting an imposing yet comforting shadow in the fading moonlight. Made entirely out of skystone and stormsteel, the floating fortress was an intimidating structure, made up of many carved columns and separate turrets that grouped together to form firm tower clusters surrounding a central conical castle. Over a dozen arched windows glowed brightly in the darkness, one of which was obstructed as an extremely angry white stallion looked out at Cloudsdale below him.

"How dare she. The mule! I mean, how can she do this to me?" Hurricane thundered. Storm Rider, keeping a safe distance on the other side of the room, rolled his eyes. The rather pissed pegasus had been venting for most of the night, and seemed to be showing no signs of stopping. The dark navy blue stallion silently lay on his back upon a plain couch pressed up in the corner of the room.

After Silverfall had ordered them back to the Tower, Hurricane and himself had been directed to wait in a spacious room normally used to hold the families of witnesses or convicts. Storm Rider had never felt so helpless.

"Who is she to bring me down? I am a Sky Warden! She is nothing but a stupid, slutty little filly with an overpaid job with a group of coltcudd-"

"Dude, just shut up!"

Hurricane's glare was so sharp it could melt iron. He paused mid-monologue, turning his royal blue eyes to meet those of Storm Rider's own light azure. But the younger pony wasn't phased.

"You've dragged this grudge around with us for over three years, and I want to move on! I don't actually care about what happens to you, and I don't want to hear your boring little opinions!"

Hurricane turned round slowly, walking towards his colleague with deliberate lack of speed. He flared his expansive wings in an attempt to intimidate Storm. But the smaller pegasus stood up from the couch and unfurled his own pair of impressive feathered limbs.

"Okay, we didn't get into the Wonderbolts. Okay, Spitfire left you for Soarin'. But can you blame her? I mean, I was too scared to say back then, but when you told us of your 'plan' to threaten her like that, I felt sick! Before you came to the Flight Academy, I was friends with Soarin' and Spitty-" he stopped when he let Spitfire's nickname slip out. Only Soarin' called her that...

Hurricane marched into Storm Rider's face, snorting angrily. The dark blue pegasus expected some sort of strike against his head - it wouldn't of been the first time. But no such blow came. Hurricane huffed angrily and turned away. What he said next took Storm Rider off guard.

"You liked her, didn't you?"

"W-What do you mean? I was friends with her, yeah, but I don't get what-"

"Yes you do. You wanted her. I saw you hesitate at the race track that day at the Academy when she came to the stands. I saw how you smiled at her. But she never saw you. It was Soarin' she was smiling at."

The words stung.

"And what if I was? You were thinking the same thing."

"Oh but that is where you're wrong. I never wanted to 'love' her or 'care' for her. I just wanted a good buck. But seems you and that plothead Soarin' wanted all that silly stuff. Seems you lost out."

"W-Who said that I wanted all that? Sp-Spitfire was pretty, yeah...but I never..."

Storm Rider stopped himself. He knew he was fighting a losing battle.

"You're as transparent as this window. She would never have taken you, not when the great, athletic, wonderful Soarin' was around."

"Soarin' was my friend..."

"Of course he was" chuckled the white stallion cruelly.

Storm Rider sat back down flatly. He had never told anyone of his secret feelings for Spitfire. We never told anypony, but somepony did guess once, during a particularly hot summer...


"He was my friend..."

"Ha! Yeah, keep telling yourself that"

Storm Rider suddenly felt very small, like when he was a little colt growing up in the suburbs of Cloudsdale. He was never a confident foal, always left out of friendship groups, always the one ponies talked about behind his back, the last to be picked for the hoofball teams. Until one cloudy morning on his first day at the Junior Speedsters Flight Camp, two ponies reached out to him with smiles. They offered a pair of friends, two ponies to play, laugh, and cry with.

Soarin' and Spitfire.

But times change. As the pale blue colt grew closer to the bright yellow filly, they pushed the dark blue colt away. As the trio grew up, Rapidfire and the small mare Fleetfoot joined them. Rapidfire, being blood to Spitfire, was welcomed with open hooves when he moved to Cloudsdale from Las Pegasus, and Fleetfoot just seemed to 'click' in a way that Storm Rider never did. As the group of friends moved on to the Flight Academy, Storm Rider had almost drifted away completely from his only friends.

After the navy blue stallion had realised his feelings for Spitfire, Storm had confided in his closest male friend: Soarin'. But after Soarin' continued to draw closer, Storm Rider had completely detached himself. A week later, Hurricane had arrived.

How things change... he thought forlornly.

"So what happened after I left?" Soarin' asked, guilt dripping in his voice as he and Rapidfire graced the night sky back towards the floating city of Cloudsdale. The light grey pony sighed heavily before answering.

"Me and Fleetfoot stopped by your apartment to wait for you two to come back from the Cloudesium, but only Spitfire came back. She told us what happened, and I'll be honest buddy, I wanted to kick you in the head right there. The way Spitfire described it, it looked as if you just abandoned her. It wasn't a good decision, Soar."

Soarin' nodded solemnly.

"I'm sorry"

"Don't apologise to me, apologise to Spitfire. She needs you more than ever right now"

The blue pony's emerald gaze shot up. "She told you?"

"Damn right she did. Congratulations"

An awkward silence descended upon the pair of pegasi as they veered towards Cloudsdale. The night wind bore them lightly towards their beloved cloud-city, and soon the sky unfolded to reveal the shining towers of the pegasi capital of Equestria. Soarin' had never seen a more welcome sight in all his life.

Almost automatically, the pair made for Soarin' and Spitfire's apartment. As the two stallions fluttered down outside the lavish glass door, Soarin' could tell that the place was unoccupied. The curtains in front of the great glass wall that led to the balcony were drawn, the open fire was cold, and none of the upstairs lights were on. It was possible that Spitfire was somewhere in their home, sleeping a tear induced slumber, waiting for her coltfriend to return. But a gut feeling in Soarin' told him otherwise.

"Talk to her, and let her back in, Soar. She doesn't deserve this" said Rapidfire, wincing as he flexed his right wing. Soarin' nodded, and wrapped a strong foreleg around his friend's neck. As he pulled away, Rapidfire smirked. "What was that for?"

"For making me see sense" Soarin' grinned back.

The smile was returned, and Rapidfire leapt into the dark sky, leaving the blue Wonderbolt alone at the entrance to his luxury home.

As he stepped into the darkness, Soarin' fumbled clumsily around for the light switch. His hoof came into contact with the familiar button, and he winced away from the bright white light was the kitchen countertops lit up. The sweeping spacious living room was illuminated, revealing a single piece of folded paper lying on the glass coffee table. With a single powerful wingbeat, the blue stallion silently began to read as he picked up the note.

Dear Soarin',

If you get home before I'm back, I'm down at the Cloudesium with Tempest. He wants to show me something new for the flight show next week. I hope you come home in time to read this.



With a quick glance behind him, the Wonderbolt sighed as the time was just coming up to five. It wouldn't be long until sunrise. Dashing out of the door once again, Soarin' set off towards the floating arena.

The stars were bright and burning as the night lazily rolled across the sky. On the far eastern horizon, Soarin' could spy the first faint glows of daybreak emerging. The wind was soft tonight, and the fair silver light of the setting moon fragmented beautifully in the great falls of liquid rainbow. Few others ponies were awake at such a late hour, but Soarin' noted the presence of a lamplighter in the streets below, and a squadron of six Sky Wardens passing over the Storm Factory in the distance. As he flew, the blue stallion found himself letting his mind wander.

Is it still night, or is morning at this time? Is it late or early? When did I last sleep? Sleep. Bed. Bedroom. Come to the bedroom...

He shook his head. When he found Spitfire, he really needed some rest. His heart started hammering as he dove towards the great arena, blue and gold banners dancing in the breeze. With the skill and grace of an expert flyer, Soarin' swooped over the tall cloud-built walls and flew directly into the bottomless Cloudesium. His jaded eyes scanned the expansive stadium, but nopony met his gaze. But one thing did.

Diving like a falcon, the blue Wonderbolt fluttered down beside a set of crushed and ruined seats, clearly it by something big at considerable force. The chairs were bent and broken, and the cloud that they were set upon was twisted and irregular. But when Soarin' caught sight of the great dark brown smudge of blood racing across the skystone beneath the cloud, he began to panic.


He began to feel sweaty. His hooves felt numb, and he launched himself into the air in case his wings sized up fright. The stallion's breath came out in ragged gasps, and the world began to spin slightly. What had happened? Where was she? Where was Tempest? Why weren't they here? Whose blood was that? Everything was sickeningly out of place. Not knowing what else to do, Soarin' attempted to gather his senses. All his brain seemed to scream at him was: 'GET HELP.'

And so Soarin' zoomed off towards the only place he knew could help him:

The Tower of the Iron Cloud.

Silverfall marched into the sparten waiting room where Hurricane and Storm Rider were being kept, still dressed in his full Sky Captain armour. The two stallions turned as he barged into the room, setting his elegantly curved silver helmet down on a bare table that stood to one side of the door. The white plumage that fell across the wooden surface almost matched Silverfall's mane as he shook it from his eyes. He gave the other two officers cold glares with his cobalt blue eyes before clearing his throat.

"I sincerely hope that the two of you understand the seriousness of what these accusations could do to your careers. Luckily for the pair of you, we cannot prove the things that Ms. Spitfire said, otherwise the two of you would be down in the lower cells right now"

Hurricane had a sly smirk decorating his handsome, cruel face. Storm Rider simply sat on the plain couch, eyes downcast. Their captain raised his eyebrows angrily. "Do you understand?" he boomed.

"Yes sir..." Storm muttered.

Hurricane hesitated, relishing in his lack of punishment before repeating the statement. With a firm nod and a heavy sigh, Silverfall picked up his helmet with a foreleg and turned to leave.

"I've got more important things to take care of at the moment. I've got yet another Wonderbolt at the front desk screaming questions. Today really isn't a good day for them"

Both Hurricane and Storm's ears perked up.

"Which Wonderbolt?"

"I dunno, the blue one...um, Soarin', that's it"

Storm Rider stood up from the sofa and pushed himself through the door past his captain.

"What's wrong with him?"

"Oh, I think we'll be in for one he'll of a show" the white stallion chuckled.

The sound of raised voices coming from the main lobby echoed across the corridors. With the speed of a windstorm, Silverfall and Hurricane darted to their sources. The sight that greeted them was one more akin to one usually seen in a bar. Storm Rider had the clueless Wonderbolt pinned up against the cloud-wall next to the front desk, two other Wardens attempting to drag him off.

"You knew! You knew and you took her away from me!"

Soarin' shoved the furious pony off him. "What the buck, dude? What are you talking about? Get away from me!" Storm wrestled free from the grasp of his fellow officers, but did not continue forward with his assault.

"You drove me away from her, then took any chance I had with her"

"With who? I haven't even seen you in three years! Who are you talking about, dude?"

Storm Rider opened his mouth to reply, but a heavy hoof belonging to Captain Silverfall landed on his shoulders, stopping him.

"Go back to your quarters. I'll deal with you there."

With a defiant shrug, the navy blue pegasus gave one final glare to Soarin' before storming away down the corridor. All eyes watched him as he left, Hurricane letting out an amused whistle to break the silence. Silverfall shot him a warning stare before turning to the ponies around him.

"Everyone about your business" he turned to the stunned Soarin', "and my sincerest apologies about my officer. He will be disciplined I assure you. Is there anything I can help you with, sir?"

Soarin' shook his head. "Just tell me what happened at the Cloudesium tonight"

Three minutes later, Soarin' was blasting across the sky towards the White Wings Hospital. Storm clouds rippled from his flanks as he thundered to see his captain. And his love.

The great cloud-built structure rose above the surrounding cloudhomes like a monolithic temple of hope and healing. Emblazoned above the pillared double doors was an illuminated emblem of a winged cross. The sun was beginning to rise higher, and the large clock of Cloudsdale Town Hall chimed six. Soarin' was going so fast he almost smashed straight through the glass doors of the entrance. Only through sheer power and skill did the blue Wonderbolt manage to avoid a rather painful collision.

The glare of the bright lights was an almost painful transition from the dark, comforting night, and Soarin' clumsily stumbled into reception. A light pink mare caught him, her jaw dropping when she realised she was touching the body of her most beloved heartthrob.

"C-Can I help you, s-sir?"

"Take me to where Tempest Wind is"

The nurse muttered something as she directed him to the designated ward.

Spitfire sniffed and wiped her nose again. Tempest was awake now, but could barely speak, and the yellow mare found herself wishing that he would simply sleep. At least that way, there would be a proper reason for him to not speak. He seemed so helpless, so hollow, it was painful.

"I'm so sorry Tempest. I, I should have done something quicker. Please don't leave us. The team needs you, now more than ever"

"No Sp-Spitfire, it's you. They need y- you to lead them now. You're ready."

"No! No, I can't. This is your team, the team you've lead for years. You can't give in now."

Tempest smiled. "Look at me Spitfire. I'm old enough to be your father, I'm in no shape to fly, I've run my course. Only Celestia rules forever, and don't know about you, but I don't look like much of a Princess. I chose you to lead the Wonderbolts because I saw in you the necessary skill, determination and commitment to bring them together like never before."

"But I'm pregnant! How can I lead a team when I'm gonna be a mother?"

Tempest fell silent again. He had no idea of how to answer that question. Spitfire was indeed in a difficult, cruel place in her life. He knew she felt alone, angry, and terribly sad now she thought her rock had abandoned her. Soarin' would come round, Tempest knew, but he wasn't sure if Spitfire did. It was a difficult position to be in.

But a large bang from the ward's entrance heralded a new sense of hope in the old flyer. The double doors swung open, open to reveal a tired, heavy breathing pale blue pegasus stallion with bright emerald eyes. Spitfire stood up from his bedside and stared at the sight before her.

"Tempest..." Soarin' began.

"Don't worry about me boy, I'll be okay. But you have got a lot of talking to do with your marefriend here. The flame haired pony looked at her captain, who simply nudged his head towards the blue stallion. Gingerly, she walked outside into the corridor. Soarin' closed the door behind her. And there the two of the them stood, facing each other after what seemed like an eternity apart, but both realised it had only been one painful day.

"Spitty-" Soarin' started.

Spitfire slapped him.

And again.

And then threw here foreleg around his neck and embraced him. Soarin' could feel her sobs shaking throughout her body as he returned the hug, tears beginning to form in his own eyes.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered.

"Me too, you big featherbrain"

"What happened? To you and Tempest?"

"I'll tell you later...just...don't ever let me go..."

And there the two ponies stood, for a long time. Tempest let out a sigh of relief and a broad smile. Maybe things were going to be okay after all.

Author's Note:

You know the routine, this is where I apologise profusely for the void of updates. But here it is! I promise not to make a habit of doing this.



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