• Published 28th Aug 2012
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Hurricane Force Winds... - Skyblitz

Spitfire and Soarin's lives are turned upside down with a certain unwanted complication in the form of a foal.

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Chapter 2: "You're joking..."

Chapter 2: "You're joking..."

"Life doesn't give lemons, it gives grenades..."

The early morning sun washed over Soarin's face as he turned over in his slumber. The golden warmth caused the pale blue pegasus to groan in annoyance before he finally yielded to the dawn light by opening his eyes. His emerald orbs snapped open and faced the high vaulted ceiling.

"How the buck did I get in here?" he asked himself wearily, glancing around him as he took in his surroundings. He sat up, rubbing his head hard as the hangover raged through him. "Ahhh dammit" he moaned as his hoof circled the painful spot on his poll. Rubbing his eyes with a free hoof, Soarin' threw the quilted covers off himself and stretched his feathered wings. As he yawned, Soarin's eyes widened at the sight of his sleeping marefriend beside him, her fiery coloured mane scruffy and dishevelled from the drunken party the night before. Gently easing himself off the mattress as to not wake up Spitfire, the pale blue pegasus waddled groggily over towards the entrance to his ensuite bathroom.

The room itself was completely made of skystone, a harder, more durable substance used in the construction of cloudhomes. The bathroom was polished to the point where it gleamed like white marble. A fairly large curved bath tub was set against the far wall, big enough for two ponies to lay comfortably together inside. A full wall mirror was what greeted the sleepy stallion as he stumbled over what appeared to be a leftover box from the local bakery. Soarin' never lost his love for pie.

"Ahhh jeez, what a night" Soarin' mumbled as he saw his reflection. His uniquely spiked and windswept mane was even more messed up than usual. Random bits of hair jutted out at crazy angles, and the fur around his muzzle and neck was matted and tangled. Turning on the tap, Soarin' splashed the cold water around his face and mane. There would be time for a shower later, but he at least wanted his marefriend to wake up to something that was a little bit presentable. Thinking about Spitfire brought back some rather clouded memories for Soarin', memories of the previous night. A broad grin managed to stretch its way across the young stallion's face as he recounted the passionate events in the bedroom last night. At least now he knew exactly how he got into the bedroom last night.

"Mornin' handsome" came a sweetly cool feminine voice from the bathroom door. Soarin' jumped in shear shock and almost fell all the way to the skystone floor as his head spun round to see the fiery maned mare standing behind him. Spitfire giggled merrily as the sight of her coltfriend trying to regain some composure met her eyes.
"Dammit Spitty, what did I say? Don't sneak up on me like that!" Soarin' pouted playfully. The yellow mare smiled, a radiant smile that seemed to make the sun go dim in comparison. Spitfire lazily plodded into the bathroom and rested her head on Soarin's muscular shoulder. The pale blue stallion returned the gesture with an affectionate nuzzle and a warm kiss.

"How d'you sleep?" he asked, a wing wrapping around Spitfire as he was his mane and face. She didn't answer immediatley, choosing instead to let out a contented sigh before saying dreamily, "Wonderfully". Soarin' turned off the tap and faced his marefriend whilst leaning against the wash basin. He smiled as Spitfire traced her hoof around his muscular and athletic chest.
"That Soar, was proberly the best night of my entire life. You really know how to make a mare happy" she whispered before kissing him tenderly on the lips.

"Well ya know Spitty, you weren't to bad yourself...why don't we just skip breakfast today and go back to bed?" Soarin' asked playfully. Spitfire thumped him lightly on the chest before smiling.
"If only, but we got training with the Bolts this afternoon. I doubt Tempest would be to happy, especially after last time" she laughed
"Why? What happened last time?"
Spitfire raised an eyebrow, sometimes she couldn't tell if Soarin' was being playful or geniunely forgot some things.
"We were caught rutting in the showers Soar..." she giggled. She giggled even more when Soarin's eyes widened in rememberance of that rather lustful encounter. Looks like this was a genuine forgetfulness instant.

Both ponies trotted down the spiralling glass staircase that led back to the main living room and bar. Soarin' walked past oblivious to his surroundings whilst Spitfire gaped in shock at the scene before her. Empty liquor bottles, glass, cans, fallen nibbles, and stains littered the entire room. Spitfire picked up an empty Stalliongrad Vodka bottle from off the bar top, looking at it as iof she didn't know what it was.
"Wow, wild night huh?"
"Hmmm, whats that Spitty?" asked Soarin' as he removed his head from the fridge, a leftover dandelion sandwich in his hoof. The yellow mare shook her head dismissively and set the bottle in the cuboard where recycling was usually dumped, not that Soar payed much attention to recycling. The vodka bottle was greeted by banana skins and week old pizza slices instead of glass and cardboard as it fell into the bin.
"Ya know, I think we should hire a maid. That, or stop having these wild get-togethers every other day" Spitfire mused as Soarin' poured her a fruit smoothie.

"What time is it?" the pale blue pegasus asked curiously. Spitfire glanced at the clock above her before huffing in annoyance.
"Only five past seven" she grumbled. It would be hours before the training session with the rest of the Wonderbolts, and the only thing that the two ponies had to really entertain themselves for that amount of time was to clear the apartment of the wildly strewn debris from the previous night.

The hours passed slowly, and Celestia's sun crawled across the sky at a pace too slow for the two pegasi. During that time however they had managed to clear up the living area around the fire, clear out the fire itself, and remove the stubborn stains that somehow managed to seep into the plush cushions on the sofas.
"Its times like this that I wish I was a unicorn" Spitfire grumbled as she visciously attacked a stain on the bar top with a chemical soaked cloth. Soarin' chuckled before draping a wing around Spitfire's withers.
"You look like such a housewife" he teased, causing Spitfire to spin round and attack him playfully with the cloth. In truth, Spitfire was anything but. She was independant, fiery, determined and willful. She was her own mare, and Soarin' adored her for it.

Eventually, the clock chimed as the hands reached two o'clock. Both pegasi bounded up the stairs in excitment. They both bounded into their room like a pair of playful foals, and made their way over to the far side of the room. Two pony shaped manequins stood side by side, each one dressed in a brilliant blue flightsuit streaked with yellow bolts of lightning. Despite the mess that dominated the rest of the expansive room, the malevolent tendrils of untidiness and squalour could not extend its reach to these two suits. Soarin' beamed with pride was he traced a hoof along the tight lyrca like fabric of the uniform, remembering every trick and stunt her performed whilst wearing it. Carefully, both ponies eased the flightsuits off the manequins before neatly folding them. They placed the uniforms in their gym bags as if they were made of glass.

"Ready?" asked Spitfire was she zipped up her sports bag before swinging the strap around her back. Soarin' nodded as he tucked a water bottle into a side pouch. With a wink and a flap, Spitfire jumped into the air, circling the massive bedroom once before zooming out of an open window.
"Close it this time, for Celestia's sake Soar, please close it!" he called as her coltfriend sped out to meet her. Last time, the two pegasi had returned to find their penthouse the target of an attempted robbery, all because Soarin' had forgotten to shut the window before they left. Giving the tall glass pane a firm kick withouit breaking it, Soarin' flapped upwards to fly alongside his marefriend.

After a brief flight, the two athletes arrived gracefully at the Cloudesium, the massive arena which Cloudsdale prided itself on. Rapidfire and Fleetfoot were already waiting outside the gates, talking cheerfully with the two brothers Fire Streak and Lightning Streak. As Spitfire and Soarin' trotted towards the group of ponies, all of them turned their way before snorting with laughter.
"What...?" asked Soarin' suspisiously, "whats so funny?" Rapidfire coughed before smirking.
"Enjoy yourselves last night?" he asked, everypony else restraining hysterical fits of laughter. Soarin's eyes narrowed, as if trying to target the source of the amusement within the group of ponies. Spitfire raised an eyebrow.

"I think they know what happened last night Soar" she whispered with a slight giggle.

"W-what happened last night?"

Spitfire facefhoofed.

"Um, 'oh Soar, oh Soar, faster, faster'" snorted Lightning Streak as his brother burst out in hysterics. Soarin's eyes widened in realisation.
"Wait, how do you know?"
"Well Spitfire wasn't exactly quiet" laughed Rapidfire smugly. Fleetfoot hid her face behind a forehoof as her cheeks turned crimson with amusement. Spitfire shook her head slowly as he smiled.
"Ya know Rapid, just cuz you and Fleetfoot don't know how to rut, doesn't mean you can listen to me and Soar" she retorted slyly. This was met with simutaneous "ooooos" from the Streak brothers. Rapidfire started going red before puffing out his chest in pride. "I'll have you know that I know perfectly well how to reproduce with a mare" he said in mock arrogance.
"Oh we know, especially when you tired to mount that waitress at the after-party two nights ago" Spitfire cunningly replied. Everypony, including Fleetfoot, laughed at that.

Their banter was interrupted by the arrival of Tempest Wind, Surprise and Gusty. The proud but aging captain of the Wonderbolts nodded to his team mates before unlocking the gates to the Cloudesium. As the flight team filed inside Tempest paused behind everypony to stretch his wings, the feathers starting to grey just like his mane and tail. The storm blue crest was streaked with silver, and his piercing turquoise eyes had lines and bags hanging below them. Spitfire nudged Soarin' as she spotted her captain.

"Look, see? I told you he's not well" she whispered, deathly serious all of a sudden. Soarin' shrugged but still looked concerned.
"He's just tired, thats all. Its not like he's dying from something, is he?" the pale blue stallion asked. Spitfire shook her head, choosing not to continue the conversation as the captain trotted past them to catch up with the rest of the group. The yellow mare had noticed the rapidly declining state of Tempest Wind for a few months now, unsure of talking to the captain in case he took offense. But something needed to be done before he seriously injured or endangered himself.

Soarin' zoomed in next to Lightning Streak as the flight team formed into an arrowhead 'V' formation, arcing rapidly towards the clouds. Tempest Wind soared ahead of the arrow, leading at the point as he started to tip backwards slowly. The Wonderbolts mimicked his actions as the V fell into a loop. Soarin' kept his wings extended but still, gliding upon the wind currents as the team prepared for the next stage of the display. As the arrowhead righted itself, everypony apart from the aging captain jutted outwards in different directions, splitting off from their leader. The finale was the trickiest part of the new routine that they were practising.

Soarin' banked hard and upwards as he veered back the way he came. Everypony else neared each other as they all converged in the centre where the arrowhead had once been. At an unspoken command, all the pegasi jolted upwards sharply inches away from impacting each other. The eight ponies flapped furiously as they climbed higher and higher as a vertical column, spralling around each other as they did so. Tempest Wind suddenly appeared above the ascending ponies and dived straight down the middle of the column, missing contact by a bare few feet. As the captain rocketed towards the ground, the rest of the flight team broke away from each other sharply.

As they did so, trails of flashing storm clouds and thundering storm clouds rocketed behind them, making a glorious burning, flashing firework shape in the sky.

After Soarin' and Spitfire had been inducted into the team, Tempest had asked that they teach their special talents to the rest of the flight team. Spitfire had taught Rapidfire, Fire Streak and Surprise how to somehow ignite flames from their flanks at high speeds, and Soarin' had taught Lightning Streak, Fleetfoot and Gusty how to send furious storm clouds trailing behind them. The new tricks had soared the Wonderbolt's already high fame into the record books.

The rest of the team filed away laughing and chatting back to the changing rooms to shower, but the againg Tempest tapped Spitfire on the wing as she started to leave.
"Spitfire, can I have a word with you...in private?" asked the greying stallion, something which sounded almost like remorse tempering his voice. The yellow mare nodded, and followed her captain around the corner away from the changing rooms.

Three weeks had passed since Tempest had spoken to her, and Spitfire had been sworn to secrecy on what the topic was about. She hadn't even told Soarin' or Rapidfire, something which she painfully regretted. But she kept her silence, honouring her mentor's request.

But that wasn't the reason as to why the orange maned mare now sat alone in the living room of her luxury apartment. Her amber eyes were read and puffy from tears, and tissue lay scattered around the room in large piles. Soarin' had gone out to the store, completely oblivious to what was plauging the mind of his marefriend.

"Dammit, dammit, dammit...it can't be true" she wimpered to herself. She wiped away another tear with a tissue and closed her eyes in shame. How could she have been so careless? How could have he been so careless. The answer din't matter anymore, what did matter was how in Equestria Spitfire and Soarin' were going to deal with this new obstacle in life.

A loud bang and tuneless whistling heralded the arrival of Soarin', his hooves full with bags of shopping.
"Hey Spitty guess what? I went down to the store, and they got this huge apple pie in the pastry section. I took it over to the counter, but the pony there just let me have it for free! Just cuz she recognised me!"


"And then when I managed to get out the shop, I was mobbed by like, a dozen fan mares! I bet they were like waitin' for me or somethin'"


"I mean why wouldn't they? I'm just so sexy..."

"Soar" said Spitfire a third time, a little firmer. Her coltfriend looked at her confused before her noticed her eyes. Quickly dropping the bags, Soarin' fluttered over to his marefriend's side and draped a protective wing around her.
"Hey, hey Spitty, whats up? Whats happened?" he said lovingly, trying to calm her down. Spitfire tired to smile, but It wasn't working. Instead, she looked at the glass coffee table before her. Soarin' followed her gaze. Across the surface of the table lay around dozen empty cardboard boxes, their contents all over the floor. Soarin' looked with a confused look in his eye at the multitudes of small white rods, all red at one end with a tiny 'plus' mark adorning each.

"Wh-what is this Spitty?" asked Soar, still confused. Spitfire gulped heavily.

"Soar...I'm pregnant..."