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About Sprinkles

As you know, she is my main character, so I think I'll let you in on what she's about and who she really is!

Name: Sprinkles
Age (Nothing to do with my own age): 18
Genger: Female
Cutie-Mark: Three cupcakes
Talent: Best Cupcake baker in Equestia
Loves: Baking, being friendly, being mysterious, helping, and having fun.
Hates: Being made fun of, getting picked on or teased or seeing somepony else getting picked on.

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Sprinklers, where have you gone? :(

Umm, will you come back?

You've been gone for quite a while now, Sprinkles. Is everything all right?

Ok, I'm seriously confused right now... :rainbowderp:
What's the story called? I might can search it up.

  • Viewing 26 - 30 of 30
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