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Con Los Terroristas


Looking for Pre-readers! · 1:21pm Mar 27th, 2013

Pm me for a link to the Google Docs page, About 8K words.
Limited number accepted, looking for feedback before part 1 is finished :3
Will respond ASAP to PMs
Story Contains NSFW material

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Then all the whores and politicians will look up and shout, "Save Us".
And I'll whisper, "No".

107716 im not into dark i just stated that you have a twisted mind like me *other self pops out behind my head* YEAH hes right!
... sorry about that
but i was stating a simple fact now if you'll excuse me i have people to brutaly rape, torture, and nuke in that order :pinkiecrazy:

107708 lol if you like those stories "The Flashes"
is my next project, it will be VERY DARK and violent.

[its about Soarin] he has flashbacks to the war. :facehoof:

you have a very weird mentality like me.

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What do you see?

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