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I am a musician. I play trumpet for the Seattle Symphony. I take time to write fanfics for MLP in between concerts. :)


I done derped · 10:49pm Nov 29th, 2012

Wellllp. Somehow several huge and important chunks of chapter 8 went missing, and I didn't bother checking because it was 5 in the morning and my brain had just quit. I've added them back in and everything seems to be normal again. I suspect it happened during the conversion process from gdocs to fimfiction.

My zincerest apologies.

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Awesome work! Can't wait for more of Want

21767 Lies!
At least I found that you're on fimfiction so I can stalk this story even more than before. Must ask: any update on this?

I see you haven't been very active - I finally got around to recording the rest of the fiction, and Chapter 3 is up on youtube, feel free to do whatever with it.

But I do need to know; Will you be wrapping it up anytime soon; because this looks like an incomplete/cancelled fic to me.

If you are dropping it, please just tell me so I can substitute the rest of it with something to wrap up the series on the readings.:ajbemused:

Comment posted by GenericUsername deleted Mar 10th, 2013

Want is totally on my top 3 fanfics. I love your style of writing. Pleaseeee don't ever stop! :rainbowkiss:

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