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Australian writer, drawer, and general FoE nut.

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Greetings, everyone. I'm Badger, and I write stories, sometimes. I also really like Fallout: Equestria, just so ya know.

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I still exist, just not really? · 7:18pm Nov 30th, 2015

It's been a year and a half since I've posted, well, ANYTHING on this site; I'm now into my third decade of existance, I've graduated high school, went to university and subsequently left due to not doing anything, I'm looking for work and I've grown more mature and far less... teenager-y. Honestly, I haven't been highly keen on MLP until recently, and I haven't been wanting to go through all the messages and such I've accumulated (all two of them).


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When will you return Badger?

1152829 Ah yes, that image. Well, as you can probably tell, I've recently changed my avatar all of a minute ago, but the one you're referring to is in my DeviantART profile, around about here-ish.

That is an interesting picture you got as an avatar. I wonder the story behind it. Could you point me to where it's posted? If you already linked it on your profile, I'm sorry for my blindness, I'm also blind to the truth and my own flaws, so it isn't just exclusive to that. :pinkiehappy:

You earned it. :ajsmug:

719299 The are melded into my form. I am all thirteen Stormbadger's at once. Each was good at one particular thing; as this amalgam, I'm (relatively) good at a lot of things.

That, or the previous Stormbadger's died in office or something, I dunno.

I just noticed your the 13th Stormbadger... what happened to the other 12:unsuresweetie:

697798 Audacity? Huh. Ok then.

I hate to admit it, but... I already have that program :twilightsheepish: I don't use it for making music, though, I use it for making the audio files to Garry's Mod videos.

I do use FL Studio to create my own original music, though. The demo version is for free and comes with quite a lot of what you need already - you just can't save the project so you have to make the song in one sitting or leave the program running.


Google: Audacity

thats the program. not completely simple stuff but you'll get the hang of it as like i did. Good luck with making music with it.

695883 Ah, no worries, mate. After all of those reads, I had to give you a watch.

Wow! I come back from work and suddenly, good things! Thanks for the comments, for the faves, and finally for the watch! I appreciate every last bit of it. :pinkiehappy:

650365 Yo Storm. wanna know the name of the program i use for making music? i didn't tell ya before because i thought it was payed for by the school. turns out it's free. so if ya wanna know just reply. =3

650365 I have a brony friend that i've known all my life in wagga wagga and he want's to take me to Ponycon so i might be there =3

650349 You know this means we'll probably run into each other at some point. Just curious, you going to Ponycon next year? Because I know I am.


*gasp* so close by.... wow i love it when i know i'm near other bronys in the area. :pinkiehappy:

StormbadgerXIII is watching you

Awww shucks. :ajsmug: Thanks a hole heap for the follow. It's mighty considerate of ya.
Keep your friends close and your enemies editors closer as they always say. :twilightsmile:
Looking forward to more form you as well!

622675 I live close to the bottom vertex, but not directly on it or in the triangle.

622604 Not being a stalker at all! :pinkiecrazy: but would you happen to live at any end of this triangle or somewhere in it?


I may or may not live at one.... and you don't have to answer if you don't want to. :derpytongue2:

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