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Today seems like yet another fun, joy-filled day of teaching all the little growing ponies of Ponyville for the ever-cheerful Cheerilee.

Unfortunately, coherency, logic and physics are having a sick day and aren't attending her class. Will Cheerilee survive the day? Or will she go mad with all the chaos? Will Scootaloo stop falling limp every time she's touched? Only one way to find out!

(A/N: The product of a conversation between my brother and I, with a healthy dose of watching too many Garry's Mod movies, this fiction is definitely not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. The cover image is from the MLP wiki.)

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Derpy is transported 15 years into the future and into a broken, hellish landscape once known as Ponyville. Now she has to try and find a way back to the past... and hopefully not die in the process.

Cover art by SigmatheAwesome, picture here: http://sigmatheawesome.deviantart.com/art/MLP-FiM-What-Went-Wrong-329084784

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EDIT: Never really got on with this story, so, I have decided to lay it to rest. RIP romance story written by teenage Badger, you lived as you died - incomplete.

Octavia has hit a dead end in her career. While she is known across Equestria, and her music is undeniably popular, she is running out of inspiration, and is struggling to create a new piece in time for the Grand Galloping Gala, and her annoying room mate isn't helping.

Who or what could be her muse? Will she find it in time?

Author's note: Trying my metaphorical hoof/physical hand at writing romance Yes, the title is deliberate, and NO IT'S NOT OCTAVINYL!!!

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One fine, sunny day in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle is arrested by the Royal Guard and is convicted of a crime she did not even know anything about, and is sentanced to death in Canterlot.


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The major antagonists of FiM discuss a plan of revenge on the Mane 6 and Celestia. However, with contant interruptions, sidetracking and lack of interest, things don't exactly work...

Starring Discord, Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, Flim, Flam, Gilda, the Diamond Dogs and Trixie THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!!!

Thanks to the ever-awesome SStwins for the cover image.

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